Enjoying the Spicy yet Tasty Sate Plecing in Bali


Bali is the place where you can do almost everything as a tourist. Whatever it is your holiday needs, Bali will likely be able to provide them. Bali is also culinary heaven, especially for those who love spicy cuisine. One of the spicy dishes you can enjoy in Bali is Sate Plecing.

The spicy plecing sauce. via Instagram/esternugroho

Sate or satay is grilled skewered meat with special sauces. In most places in Indonesia, satay usually uses peanut sauce. Sate plecing is different although the cooking process is almost the same. Here is all you need to know about sate plecing from Bali.

No Peanut Sauce

No peanut is used in this satay. via Instagram/infodenpasar

Nearly all popular satays in Indonesia use peanut as the main ingredient for the sauce. Finely ground peanut, soybean sauce, and various spices are the main ingredient of the common satay sauce. However, sate plecing uses no peanut at all. Instead, it uses plecing sauce, a type of sambal. The main ingredients are tomatoes, chili pepper, candlenut, shrimp paste, and garlic. All the ingredients are ground together, creating a spicy sauce.


The sauce is spicy. via Instagram/satemaklukluk

In its original recipe, this sate is always spicy, thanks to a generous use of chili pepper. The ‘burning red’ color of the sauce can be a warning to those who can’t handle the spiciness of this dish. However, nowadays, you can enjoy the dish with the level of spiciness that you can handle. Plus, the sauce is not usually poured onto the meat directly so you can add it as much as you want.

Various Meat

Sate plecing uses all kinds of meat. via Instagram/gangtorong

The most popular meat for satay is usually chicken and lamb. The same thing applies to this satay. However, since the Balinese also eat a lot of pork, many sate plecing restaurants also offer the option a pork satay. In some restaurants, they even make this dish using beef. The various meat being used here means that there are a lot of choices that you can enjoy, depending on your preference.

Where to enjoy

There are several restaurants serving this satay in Bali. via Instagram/bebibuncit

There are many sate plecing restaurants in Bali. One of the most popular is Mak Lukluk which has many outlets in Denpasar area. Apart from delicious satay, you can also enjoy other dishes here. Another popular restaurant is Arjuna. Located in North Denpasar, this restaurant has been known to serve delicious sate for a rather affordable price.

A portion of spicy sate. via Instagram/themarsha_bali

Sate plecing is only one of many satays you can find in Bali. You can also try sate lilit, sate kakul, sate languan, and sate babi (pork). Each and every one of them has a different flavor and is made in a different way.

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