Best Places to Enjoy Sarabba in Makassar


Makassar has many wonderful dishes, establishing this city as one of the most unique places in term of culinary tourism. Traditionally, Makassar has always been a great place to find different variations of food. For example, you can have Coto Makassar and Sarabba here.

A glass of warmth. via Instagram/tourmakassartoraja

While Coto can be considered as the soto of Makassar, Sarabba is a little bit different. Sarabba, a traditional Bugis beverage, is almost similar to STMJ or wedang Jahe from Java. This drink will warm your belly from within, and you can get the authentic taste of Sarabba in these following places.

Sarabba Sucer 95

Great combo with Pisang Epe. via Instagram/edward.j_mantong

This is one of the most popular Sarabba places in Makassar. This place is quite legendary and has been serving Sarabba since 1983. The place is quite big, able to accommodate 40 people or so. The Sarabba Sucer 95 opens 24 hours a day and is located at Jl. Sungai Cerekang No.19, Gaddong, Bontoala, Makassar City.

Sarabba Sucer

Also great with fried cassave. via Instagram/redchoco_delicious

Sucer is the acronym of Sungai Cerekang, a street name in Makassar where there are lots of Sarabba stalls. This Sarabba Sucer is preferred by younger people to hang out with their friends. This open café concept is favored because people can talk and laugh louder without disturbing other guests. Sarabba Sucer is located at Jalan Tamalanrea Raya Blok M No. 45-46, Tamalanrea, Makassar City.

Kedai 76 Kopi & Sarabba

Enjoying Sarabba by the beach. via Instagram/bursantahir77

Compared to other Sarabba stalls in this list, this place offers a little bit more convenience. The seats here are generally more comfortable, instead of just plastic chairs like in other Sarabba stalls. As the name implies, you can also have coffee here. Kedai 76 Kopi & Sarabba is located at Jl. G. Bulusaraung No.99, Gaddong, Bontoala, Makassar City.

Sarabba 513

best enjoyed with friends. via Instagram/nilma.92

This is another open-air café where you can enjoy Sarabba with lots of friends. The place is a bit far from the city center, but that makes the atmosphere even more enjoyable.

Yet, there is free Wi-Fi in this place, making this place a great venue to spend with friends. Sarabba 513 is located at Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan No.1 km 13, Tamalanrea Jaya, Paccerakkang, Biring Kanaya, Makassar City.

Sarabba Happy

Fried banana is also a great combo. via Instagram/iqbalelmubarak

This place looks more of a comfy café than a sarabba stall. The chairs are nice and well-arranged. The place is lovely, located in a rather quiet neighborhood. Sarabba Happy does make you happy. You can find this cafe at Jl. Toddopuli Raya Timur No.83 C, Borong, Manggala, Makassar City.

Fancy Sarabba. via Instagram/renovyantowibisono

Sarabba is commonly quite cheap. You can enjoy a glass of this warming drink for only IDR15,000 – 20,000. Apart from delicious, sarabba is also healthy and good for your body.

Makassar Sarabba