Sampit Dishes, a Culinary Adventure in Central Kalimantan


Sampit is a city in the southern part of Central Kalimantan province. This city was torn by ethnic war at the end of the ’90s. Just like other Central Kalimantan cities, the culinary here is mostly Dayak traditional dishes. When you visit this city, you can enjoy many wonderful Sampit dishes.

Tumis sulur pedas. via Instagram/annisa_cfd_licious

Similar to many Dayak areas, most of the dishes here are made using local ingredients. They are delicious and unique dishes. You can really have a culinary adventure in Sampit. Here are some of the delicious Sampit dishes you can try.

Gangan Kelakai

A refreshing vegetable. via Instagram/junisyankkmu

Kelakai is some sort of a wild fern endemic to Kalimantan. You can find this fern in almost all parts of the province. However, each area has its own way to enjoy this unique plant. In Palangkaraya, people also enjoy it by making it into a cracker. In Sampit, though, kelakai is made into a vegetable. Consequently, gangan kelakai really looks like vegetable soup. However, people believe that consuming kelakai is beneficial for breastfeeding mothers or people with anemia.

Juhu Singkah Uei

The delicious Juhu Singkah Uei. via Instagram/d.nani17

Another name for this dish is Sayur Umbut Pekat. The main ingredient is the young shoot of rattan. Even though rattan is known as one of the strongest and most flexible natural items, the younger shoot is soft. It tastes savory and a bit bitter. However, this is the kind of bitter that you like, if that makes sense.

Juhu Asam Rimbang with Patin

Juhu Singkah. via Instagram/rhietnaariestina

Just like the name, this dish consists of three main ingredients; tamarind (or other sour items), rimbang (a local eggplant), and fish (usually patin). The main idea is that the sourness of tamarind or even pineapple can indeed neutralize the unwanted fishiness. Rimbang is also often called Dayak’s eggplant, and it is an important ingredient in this dish.

Tumis Sulur Pedas

Tumis sulur. via Instagram/dinan_sasirangan

Sulur is a young shoot of a taro plant. In most parts of rural Indonesia, however, taro is a wild plant and can live literally anywhere. This one is really easy to obtain but needs a special treatment. Sulur can make you feel itchy if you cook it in the wrong way. Sulur dishes usually use a lot of chili pepper so they are spicy.

Delicious Juhu Singkah. via Instagram/inasilvia11

Sampit is a nice city to explore. If you love some culinary adventure, this city can also be a great place to try many types of foods. Sampit dishes are typically similar to other dishes from Central Kalimantan.

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