The Must-visit Spots in Saleh Bay, Sumbawa


Saleh Bay is a rather unique area. By definition, it is a bay in the island of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. However, this bay goes so deep into the island and then its ‘mouth’ is covered by Moyo Island, making it a bit like a huge lake.

Dua Rea Island. via Instagram/ers_ega

Despite all that, the waters in Saleh Bay is very much healthy and have great biodiversity. Within this bay, there are several small islands and countless beautiful beaches. If you plan to visit Saleh Bay, here are the best places that you need to visit, especially if you come to take great photos.

Gili Mariam

Camping under the moon. via Instagram/ariya_106

Gili Mariam is a small uninhabited island where you can enjoy nature at its most unspoiled state. This island is mainly grassland with great white sandy beaches. It has a small hill with some level openings. Many visitors decide to set their tents here. Apart from providing a great experience during the day, Gili Mariam is also a wonderful night sky.

Whale Shark Labuan Jambu

Swimming with whale shark. via Instgaram/whale_shark_tourism_saleh_bay

In the last few years, the village of Labuan Jambu in Tarano District has developed itself into a whale shark conservation tourism. Instead of hunting the gentle giants, the locals here, partnering with an international conservation organization, try to lure tourist with it. Labuhan Jambu recorded 49 individual whale sharks from September 2017 to August 2018.

Lipan Island

Gili Lipan. via Instagram/ers_ega

Gili Lipan, as locals call it, is located at the southern part of the bay. This small island is mostly a huge boulder with a small white sand beach. Instead of karst rocks, you will find limestone here. There is very few vegetation you can find on this island. This is one of the islands that are great for photography, especially if you bring a drone with a good camera.

Ngali Island

Ngali Island. via Instagram/ers_ega

Ngali is the biggest island in the bay. The island is mostly arid with grass covers almost all part of the island. It does, however, lots of beautiful beaches. As with all place in the bay, the waters are calm and rich. This island is a great place for camping, beach exploration, and water activities. One of the best places to visit on this island is Tanjung Pasir.

Dua Rea Island

Due Rea island. via Instagram/ers_ega

Dua Rea is an extremely lovely place. It’s a small island with white sand that stretches into the sea. You can walk in this long stretch of white sand, even when it is submerged during high tide. The only way to get here is by renting a boat but the picture you take here will be amazing.

Lipan Island. via Instagram/ers_ega

Saleh Bay is a unique place as it goes deep into Sumbawa Island. The overall climate in this bay is not much different from the sea surrounding Sumbawa. The waters are rich with extensive biodiversity, making it a great place to explore.

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