Rumah Tjilik Riwut Gallery & Resto, a Unique Dining Place


Despite being a young city, Palangkaraya is already rich in history and culture. The city was built in the dense forest of Central Kalimantan in 1957. President Soekarno planned to make this city as the capital of Indonesia. You can also see some remnants of the history at Rumah Tjilik Riwut Gallery & Resto

Gangan Patin. via Instagram/irvanovic

This is a unique place that combines a lot of interesting things. It all centered on the figure of a man named Tjilik Riwut. Here is all you need to know about Rumah Tjilik Riwut Gallery & Resto


Baung and Patin dishes. via Instagram/herada.mcroe

Tjilik Riwut was a man who became the first governor of Central Kalimantan. He was also an important figure of Dayak ethnicity who support the newly formed country called Indonesia. He convinced and unified the tribes in Central Kalimantan to become a part of Indonesia. The current Rumah Tjilik Riwut was actually the official residence of the Governor before eventually purchased by Tjilik Riwut’s family.

Unusual concept

There is a live music performance in the house. via Instagram/rewinmoody

This place has a bit of everything about the man himself. It is a museum to commemorate the life of Tjilik Riwut, you can still see some of his belongings. It is also a cultural center since you can see a lot of cultural items from the Dayak tribe here. It is also a café where you can enjoy nice drinks with friends, there is also live music too. Lastly, this house serves as a restaurant too.

Traditional Dishes

Traditional dishes. via Instagram/luzinug

Coming to this place can also be a culinary adventure in itself. Indeed, you can enjoy lots of delicious traditional dishes from Central Kalimantan. Try also the unusual local dishes like juhu rimbang or juhu umbut rotan. The popular fish dishes from Central Kalimantan is also available here. All of them using local fish as the main ingredients.


The house is in Palangkaraya. via Instagram/yudalw

Officially, Rumah Tjilik Riwut Gallery & Resto is located at Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.1, Palangka, Jekan Raya, Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. Additionally, it is really close to the city center, only a couple hundred meters away from Bundaran Besar Palangkaraya. Its prime location indeed makes this restaurant a great place to eat, hang out, or learn a bit about history.

Umbut Rotan kepala patin. via Instagram/herada.mcroe

Central Kalimantan is a unique province, rich with lush green forest. This province also has a quite unique selection of unusual dishes. If you also want to learn about the culture, history, and culinary delights of Central Kalimantan, you can come to Rumah Tjilik Riwut Gallery & Resto.