The Many Variants of Rujak, Indonesian Unique Fruit and Vegetable Salad

Rujak Buah. via Instagram/sarifahsupradana

Rujak is basically a fruit and vegetable salad from Indonesia and the neighboring Southeast Asian Countries. Rujak is rather a ubiquitous food, especially in western Indonesia. Each region usually has their own flair in Rujak and can be quite different to other places. Here are some of the most famous types of rujak you can find in Indonesia.

Rujak Buah

Rujak Buah. via Instagram/wednesday.oishii

Literally means ‘fruit rujak’, this is also known as rujak manis (sweet rujak). As the name implies, the main ingredients are fruits, usually water apple, pineapple, jicama (bengkoang), cucumber, young mango, sweet potato, starfruit, and kedondong. The sliced fruits are dressed with sheet and spicy sauce made of palm sugar, tamarind, shrimp paste, peanut, and chili.

Rujak Tumbuk (bebek)

Rujak Bebek. via Instagram/rihanathalib

This one means ‘ground rujak’. Just like rujak buah, almost all ingredients are the same except this time they are all ground or mashed together. The dressing is not poured, but mixed together during the grinding process.

Rujak Cuka

Rujak CUka. via Instagram/chikabunda

This is a ‘vinegared rujak’. This one comes from West Java, having sour and fresh taste. Using fruits as its main ingredients, the dressing is sour and spicy. The dressing is made from vinegar, chili pepper, and palm sugar. In a way, this one is almost similar to asinan.

Rujak Soto

Rujak Soto. via Instagram/foodie_kopie

This one hails from Banyuwangi. As the name suggests, this dish is a combination of rujak and soto. In this dish, they use vegetable rujak, mainly water spinach (kangkung) and beansprouts. The rujak is served with rice cake and shrimp paste sauce before then poured with soto soup.

Rujak Shanghai

Rujak Shanghai. via Instagram/helloindahkitty

This one is created by Chinese community in Jakarta. The name is not directly taken from the Shanghai City, but from a cinema in Batavia during colonial era. The main ingredients for rujak shanghai are kangkung, edible jellyfish, octopus, and bengkoang. They use red sauce, pinaple juice, and ground peanuts.

Rujak Juhi

Rujak Juhi. via Instagram/foodiary.msn

Juhi is salted cuttlefish. This rujak also contains tofu, fried boiled potato, cucumber, noodles, lettuce, cabbages, and fried garlic. The dressing is usually made from vinegar, peanut sauce, chili, and garlic. Initially a Chinese community dish, now rujak juhi is known as Betawi dish.

Rujak Cingur

Rujak Cingir. via Instagram/

Cingur is cow’s mouth. This is a somewhat meaty rujak made with cooked cow lips, bengkoang, cucumber, kangkung, lontong, tofu, and tempe. The dressing is black sauce made from petis and ground peanuts. This delicacy if a specialty food from Surabaya.

Rujak Petis

Rujak Petis. via Instagram/

This is almost similar to rujak cingur and also comes from Surabaya. However, there is no meat in this one. Rujak petis is made from cucumber, kangkung, kedondong, tofu, beansprouts, and bengkoang. They are dressed with black petis sauce made from unripe banana, palms sugar, dried shallots, and ground peanuts.

Rujak Tolet

Rujak Petis. via Instagram/duniakulinersurabaya

This is very similar to rujak buah, and it also comes from Surabaya. It’s not only fruit, but also fried tofu, garlic, and sometimes also beef tendons. The sauce is sweet and spicy made from palms sugar, chili, and soy sauce.

Rujak Kuah Pindang

Rujak Kuah Pindang. via Instagram/anastasia_heny

This one comes from Bali. This delicacy is very similar with rujak buah. The only difference is its dressing. Instead of using normal rujak sauce, they use spiced fish broth made from terasi, salt, chili, and fish broth.

Rujak Pengantin

Rujak Pengantin. via Instagram/mscherval

This is very unique as pengantin means bride/groom in Indonesia. This rujak contains potatoes, boiled eggs, fried tofu, pineapple, bean sprout, carrot, pickles, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber,crackers, and chili. The sauce is made from ground peanuts and a little vinegar.

Rujak Serut

Rujak Serut. via Instagram/wiwiek.trisoecianty

This literally means shredded rujak. It is somewhat similar to rujak tumbuk, but instead of mashing all the fruits and sauce, they just shred it into bite-sized pieces.

Rujak u’ Groeh

Rujak u’ Groeh. via Instagram/pejer.ground

This is a delicacy from Aceh. Instead of fruits, this rujak is made from young and tender coconut meat and papaya. The sauce is made from sugar, sugar palm, ice, salt, lime and chili. This rujak best enjoyed cold.