Feasting with Lovely Rice Field Scenery in Yogyakarta


Yogyakarta is known as an area immersed with rich culture, acting as one of the centers of Javanese culture. Apart from the city which is always interesting to explore, Yogyakarta also has many interesting places to hunt for culinary pleasures.

Romantic dining at Pasta Banget Signature. via Instagram/pastabangetsignature

In addition to their typical food such as gudeg and bakpia, Yogyakarta also has many interesting culinary delights, including lovely restaurants. Here are some restaurants are located in the middle of rice fields with lovely views in Yogyakarta.

D’Padukan Pie & Resto, Kaliurang

D’Padukan Pie & Resto. via Instagram/dpadukan

This cafe is located on Kaliurang Km 17, Pakem, Sleman Yogyakarta. The cafe’s interior has a vintage style, with a warm and antique atmosphere, making it ideal for a place to eat with friends of your loved ones. Meanwhile, outdoor seating at this cafe has incredible views.

The expanse of paddy fields against the backdrop of towering mountains makes lunch at this place so relaxing. The main menu in this place is pie and pastry.

Warung Sawah Gondang Legi

Warung Sawah Gondang Legi. via Instagram/gondanglegijogja

The restaurant is located on Gito Gati Street, Gondanglegi Hamlet, Ngaglik, Sleman, offering a Javanese aristocratic dining experience. The restaurant building is made to resemble a Javanese house, joglo, with the concept of being open and integrated with nature.

You can eat Javanese food while enjoying the beauty of rice fields and rice. A typical local rural atmosphere So Terasa makes this place ideal for eating with family. Besides that, the interior of this place is also so beautiful and relatively Instagramable.

Pasta Banget Signature

Pasta Banget Signature. via Instagram/pastabangetsignature

This unique restaurant is located on Jalan Watu Gede number 2A, Sariharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman. The main uniqueness of this place is its location on the edge of rice fields with traditional Javanese buildings, but the food served here is Italian food, mainly pasta.

The rice field adjacent to this restaurant looks so beautiful when decorated with lights at night. Dinner here will be very romantic with lighting from candles around you.

Warung Kepik Sawah

Warung Kepik Sawah. via Instagram/kepiksawah

This place is located at Jalan Godean, Sidoagung, Sleman, Yogyakarta. This place is built entirely in Javanese style, located in a rice field area, and serves a typical Javanese menu.

The comfortable and classic atmosphere is so apparent when you enter this restaurant with interior and furniture that are mostly made of wood. If you choose to eat in its open gazebo, you can also enjoy the beauty of a typical rice field in Yogyakarta.

Abhayagiri Restaurant

Abhayagiri Restaurant. via Instagram/dibyo__________

This restaurant is located at Sumberwatu Heritage Resort, Sambirejo Village, Prambanan District. If you are visiting Prambanan Temple, then this place to eat is the most ideal to satisfy your hunger.

In addition to delicious Javanese traditional food, Abhayagiri Restaurant also offers stunning evening views. This place is also very instagramable with lots of photogenic spots.

Night at Abhayagiri restaurant. via Instagram/achnikusuma

Yogyakarta is not only rich in cultural wealth, but also in culinary delight. There are many dining options that you can choose in Yogyakarta, including restaurants and cafes that offer views of the rice fields.

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