The Best Resorts in Wakatobi, the World Capital of Diving


Wakatobi is a beautiful area with a lot of wonderful islands and rich underwater life. This regency in Southeast Sulawesi is just too mesmerizing not to be admired. Many people from all around the world visit this area yearly. That is why there are many wonderful resorts in Wakatobi to accommodate them.

Patuno Resort. via Instagram/wakatobipatunobysahid

Most of the resorts here usually cater to the tourists’ needs for diving. Many of them are diving resorts, meaning they offer diving trips as part of their service. The big one like the Wakatobi Resort is already well-known. Here are a few other resorts in Wakatobi that you can choose.

Patuno Pesort

A bungalow at Patuno. via Instagram/wakatobipatunobysahid

This resort is located on Wangi-wangi Island, which is the gateway to explore the entire Wakatobi area. The only runway in Wakatobi is located on this island, at the Matahora Airport. As a diving resort, Patuno indeed offers a selection of diving trips in the Regency. The rooms here are comfortable and lovely. The rates at Patuno start at IDR600K per night. Lastly, the address is at Jl. Ir. Soekarno No.1, Patuno, Wangi-wangi.

Wasabinua Hotel and Resto

A bridge leading to the restaurant. via Instagram/eceu_moto

You really can’t beat the location of Wasabinua. The hotel is idly sitting on a small rocky island off the coast. Additionally, you will have to walk through a wooden bridge to get there. The island is also surrounded by clear turquoise water, with a remarkable sea view.

Also located on Wangi-wangi, this resort is rather easy to reach. Rates at Wasabinua start at IDR400K per night. Finally, you can find this resort at Jl. Poros Sumbu Bandara No.5, Wandoka Utara, Wangi-wangi.

Hoga Dive Resort

The bungalows at Hoga. via Instagram/hogadiveresort

This resort is located on a small island, also called Hoga. It is part of Kadelupa, another big island in Wakatobi. The rooms are comfortable, definitely will be more than enough as a resting place after a day of diving. The location is indeed unbeatable, with a private white sand beach and a wonderful view of the sea. Rates at Hoga start at IDR900K per night. Lastly, the address is at Hoga Island, Ambeua Raya, Kaledupa.

Naya Matahora Island Resort

This resort is located in the southern part of Wangi-wangi Island. It also has a quite large area with lots of amenities for a diving resort. Actually, Naya Matahora is a work in progress since they are yet to finish the construction of several buildings. This new resort already stole many hearts with its exquisite service. The rates at Naya Matahira start at IDR1.4 million per night. The address is at Lingkungan Topa Mandati I, Jalan Poros Bandara, South Wangi-wang, Wangi-wangi.

Wasabinua Resort. via Instagram/eceu_moto

Wakatobi is a magnificent area to visit. To make your experience in this place more pleasant, you need to stay at one of the best resorts in Wakatobi. Most of them are dive resorts which will cater your needs to greet the vibrant underwater life.

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