Rabbit Town Bandung, a Perfect Place to Flood your Instagram with Great Photos


Rabbit Town Bandung is a park that provides many selfie locations in the city of Bandung. In this park, you will definitely take many great photos to show on your social media feed.

The colorful Rabbit Town. via Instagram/itsbbyselena

Instagram, in particular, makes Rabbit Town Bandung very popular in just a short time. The average visitor is commonly young people who come for great photos. Here are some spots that you can visit in Rabbit Town Bandung.

Love Light

Love Light. via Instagram/dewiferfiyana

This is a contemporary art with 88 pillar and lamp installations. Love Light looks very beautiful at night when all the lights are on. This place is one of the favorite photo locations in Rabbit Town Bandung.

Old car

Nice old car. via Instagram/lisagurmawan

There was an old car parked next to a building. This pink car is also often used as a photo spot. Goes really well with retro outfits.

Sticker room

Sticker room. via Instagram/slviaratnas

As the name implies, Sticker Room is a room filled with colorful round stickers. The color of the walls are white, the many patches of these stickers make this place a unique photo arena.

Rabbit villa

Rabbit villa. via Instagram/_maissyandrean

This place is a real rabbit breeding place. Apart from being able to take pictures with lots of cute rabbits, children can learn about how to treat them.

Monkey Groove

Monkey Groove. via Instagram/luckq_aditya

Monkey Groove is a cage containing various species of monkeys. This cage is made with a fairly modern design with several golden statues of monkeys that make it more instagenic.

Pink Ice Cream Banana

Two Colors. via Instagram/herlina_ahs

This is a photo spot with lots of hanging bananas and background of two different colors. One side is yellow, the other side is pink.

Jungle Arena

Jungle Arena. via Instagram/lydia.yuliani.9

Jungle Arena is a photo spot with a background of forest-like scenery. Interestingly, the color chosen is not green like in the real forest. Instead, the color chosen is pink so it is great for photos.

Ice Cream Light

Ice Cream Light. via Instagram/nurlaela_anwar94

Exactly as the name suggests, this is where you take pictures with the theme of ice cream and bright lights. Some lights that have a shape like ice cream are hung, allowing you to take a shower of light.

Kolam Bola

Kolam Bola. via Instagram/florenciairnaa

In Kolam Bola (pool of balls) you can bathe pink and white balls. Normally, this kind of pool is for children. But here, this pool is often used for photos by adults too.


Kissing Spiderman. via Instagram/delline09

You can take pictures with many of your favorite superheroes like Spider-Man or Superman here. This is a great place for children to take pictures with their favorite heroes.

Dove Garden

Dove Garden. via Instagram/nendenenden

This place is a pigeon breeding with colorful houses/nests. Not only that you can take photos with lots of these birds, but you can also interact and feed them.

Donut Spot

Giant Donuts. via Instagram/triwulll

This is a room that contains lots of giant donuts with pink toppings. There is also a donut swing with a chocolate topping that is usually used to lean when taking photos.

Rainbow Wall

Rainbow wall. via Instagram/lestadwii_

As the name implies, this is a wall with various colors in the rainbow spectrum. This place can be a good spot for group photo.

Fantasy Mart

Fantasy mart. via Instagram/herlinchy

This green building can be a very interesting photo background. The shape of the building is unique and the small garden with various flowers in front of it also makes it more Instagramable.

Colorful stairs

Colorful stairs are photo spot for those who come to this place with friends. Apart from a flight of stair that is adorned with many colors, there are various hanging plants in a cafe that make the photos better.

Dragon Fish

Dragon Fish. via Instagram/delia_telaumbanua

This is a giant aquarium containing hundreds of Arowana fish. According to the management, this large aquarium can accommodate up to 168 fish.

Hollywood land

Rabbit Town. via Instagram/uphe.fushia

This is a souvenir shop for Rabbit Town visitors. You can buy various kinds of paraphernalia such as clothes, pants, accessories, t-shirts, or hats.

Ice Cream and Light. via Instagram/itsbbyselena

The address of Rabbit Town Bandung is at  Jalan Rancabentang No. 30-32, Ciumbuleuit, Cidadap, Bandung. This place opens from 10:00 am to 8:00 p.m. Located in the city of Bandung, this place an ideal destination for photo hunters.

Bandung Rabbit Town