Pinggan, the Village above the Cloud in Bali


Bali is the destination for people who want to enjoy the natural beauty and exotic culture. Bali was first known as a holiday island with wonderful white sand beaches in the south. However, Bali offers much more than just wonderful beaches or surfing spots.

Morning at Pinggan. via Instagram/aditbendoth

If you venture deep inland, you will find that Bali’s forest and mountains are equally amazing. You can find wonderful lakes, mesmerizing rice terraces, and magnificent mountains. On the slope of Mount Batur, you can find a lovely place called Pinggan Village.


Sunrise comes with a beautiful colors. via Instagram/ mikevisuals

Most tourists would want to enjoy the sunrise on Bali’s beaches. They are not wrong, definitely, as the sunrise in south Bali beaches is great. But if you want something different, something that requires a bit of effort, Pinggan Village has the answer.

You can see the light pouring into the village. via Instagram/cumacevikphoto

Pinggan Village has a platform on the hill where you can see the sun rises over a foggy village.  The mountains and hills surrounding the village make the panorama even more breathtaking. In a way, this will remind you of Bromo Mountain in East Java. Often times, the entire village is entirely covered in fog you won’t be able to see it.


wonderful camping location. via Instagram/cokdesmara

If you want to enjoy the sunrise in this village, you have to come very early. The sun typically rises at 05.30 in the morning, so you have to come before that.  However, if you don’t want to come in the early hours, you can just camp in the area. There is a camping area nearby and you can use it to stay overnight to wait for the sunrise. The view at night is also wonderful here.

Instagenic Farm field

Cabbage field. via Instagram/aditbendoth

Another unusual feature of Pinggan Village is its farm field. There are many people who come to the field to take wonderful pictures. You might find people posing in a cabbage field or any other crops. It’s not just the plants, obviously, but people come here to have their picture taken with smokey Mount Batur as a background.

Location and Tips

There are several viewpoints. via Instagram/philngyn

Pinggan Village is located in Kintamani, Bangli. It is a highland, part of Mount Batur. You will probably need a little bit more than two hours’ drive to reach this village from Denpasar. So if you stay in Denpasar and plan to see the sunrise, you must start your journey very early. Don’t worry, there are many tour agency that offers the service.

The entire village is covered in fog. via Instagram/susilaningsih92

Best time of the year to visit Pinggan Village for its view is from September to November, during the early rainy season. The fog is usually at the thickest during this time. If you want to take your picture in a farm field, remember to be careful as the farm is an actual livelihood of people.

Wonderful view. via Instagram/gede.sugiantara_

Pinggan Village is one of those magical places where you can enjoy ‘out of this world’ sensation. Standing above the cloud is a wonderful experience, especially with the beautiful panorama in the background.

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