Pesona Khazanah Ramadhan 2019, the Celebration of Holy Month in Lombok


Lombok has a nickname as ‘The Island with a Thousand Mosque’. Whether that number is accurate or not, the point is that most of Lombok inhabitants are devout Muslims. And as with all Muslims in the world, Lombok and West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province also celebrate the holy month of Ramadhan.

Traditional dance in Lombok. via Instagram

NTB show their religious side by organizing a festival during the holy month; the Pesona Khazanah Ramadhan (PKR). However, this is not a mere religious celebration. There are other messages and agendas as well, including halal tourism. Here is what you need to know about Pesona Khazanah Ramadhan 2019.

When and Where

Islamic Center NTB. via Instagram/dumiskumis24

The PKR Festival is actually a whole province’s agenda, but this is centered in Lombok, especially Mataram. The ultimate center of the festival is at the Islamic Center Building, Lombok.  The festival starts on May 8th and will be closed on May 25th.

The center of this festival is located at Islamic Center Lombok, Dasan Agung, Selaparang, Gomong, Mataram City. That means that it will be really easy getting to the festival.

Four Imams

They invite Grand Imams from Midlle East. via Instagram/humasntb

During the course of the festival, the organizer will invite many clerics and imams. Not only from Indonesia, but they will also invite Grand Imam from four countries in the Middle East. The imams will lead the prayer, giving religious teachings, and generally connecting with the locals. This invitation also to strengthen the unity of Muslims all over the world.


Lots of activities during the festival. via Instagram/maydiamir

There are a lot of activities that you can do during the festival. If you just want to get close to God, you can attend the religious events only. There will be book reviews with the writers present, Islamic table top, Islamic culture and art exhibitions, and more.

If you come to mostly have fun while still immersing into the religious theme, you can visit several exhibitions, bazaars, handcraft workshops, photography contest, and many other fun activities.

Halal Tourism Branding

World Halal Tourism Award. via Instagram/genpilomboksumbawa

Lombok spearheads Indonesia’s effort to provide halal tourism. Lombok has been prepared to be the ultimate Muslim destination for tourism. This island has everything; natural beautiful spots, easy access, and strong Islamic presence, making halal tourism somewhat easier to develop here. Coincidentally, Indonesia topped the Global Muslim Travel Index 2019.

Ramadhan in Lombok. via Instagram/ihsanculun

Either you want to immerse yourself into the religious festival or you just want to join the fun, Pesona Khazanah Ramadhan 2019 is an interesting event. This festival strengthens Lombok’s position in the global Muslim tourism market.

Lombok pesona khazanah ramadhan