Best Spots to Visit in Pesisir Selatan, Western Sumatera


Pesisir Selatan Regency is a shore area in the southern part of West Sumatra Province. This regency stretches from Padang to the southernmost parts of the province, sharing borders with Bengkulu and Jambi. This regency has lots of wonderful spots.

Setan Island. via Instagram/wey.akhdiat.appel

This regency not only has a quite long shoreline, but also fertile land, as seen in its lush green forests and farms. Pesisir Selatan will satisfy your need for beautiful attractions, as they have many lovely spots. Here are some of them.

Bayang Sani Waterfall

Bayang Sani Waterfall. via Instagram/yudhisa_putra

This waterfall is located on the northern part of the Regency. In fact, it is just 25 kilometers away to the south of Padang, the capital of the province. This waterfall has an overall height of 80 meters. However, the fall is not drastically vertical since the cliff is slopey.

As a result, you can climb up this waterfall if you have the skills and courage. Bayang Sani Waterfall is located at Koto Berapak, Bayang District.

Langkisau and Mandeh Hills

The view from Langkisau Hill. via Instagram/hendraparadisephoto

These two hills are not located in the same area as they are about 30 kilometers apart. However, both have a generally similar view of the sea and some small islands. Mandeh Hill is located Koto XI Tarusan in the northern part of the Regency.

This hill overlooks a magnificent bay with small islands. Langkisau Hill is located on a more popular area, overlooking Carocok beach and its surrounding small island at Painan.

Akar Bayang Bridge

The root bridge. via Instagram/

This unique beach is painstakingly made by planting banyan trees on each side of the rover. The roots of the tree are then connected to each other over the river. This process takes decades to complete and even when it’s done, the bridge still has to be maintained routinely.

The bridge, however, becomes a very beautiful spot to take pictures. Akar Bayang Bridge is located near Bayang Sani Waterfall.

Carocok Beach

Carocok Beach. via Instagram/andre.stw92

Located in Painan, Carocok Beach is the most popular tourist destination in Pesisir Selatan. This beach has become one of the tourism icons in this regency. Carocok has been massively improved, with complete facilities and amenities nearby. The beach is calm and not too deep, making it an ideal place to swim. This Beach also has a magnificent sunset view.

Small Islands

Setan Island. via Instagram/inggawahyusaputra

There are several small islands by the shore of Pesisir Selatan Regency. Pulau Setan is a very small island located in the middle of a bay in Mandeh, Ampang Pulai. Near this island, you can also find Sarojong Ketek and Sironjong Gadang Islands. Moving to the south, you will find the exotic Cingkuak and Aurgadang Islands. Island hopping is possible by renting a fisherman’s boat.

Bayang Sani Waterfall from above. via Instagram/7skypictures

Pesisir Selatan Regency is not yet a popular destination in West Sumatera. However, it has huge potential with its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

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