Paserang Island, a Wonderful Grassland in the Middle of Alas Strait


Alas Strait, situated between the islands of Lombok and Sumbawa, is home to many beautiful small islands. From Jerowaru in the south to Lawang Island in the North, you can find many small uninhabited islands with very exotic scenery in this strait.

View from the top of the hill. via Instagram/dijhe_

One of the islands very famous island in Alas Strait is Paserang. This island is part of a Gili Balu which is an archipelago containing several small islands. Here are some interesting facts about Paserang Island.


A small Island. via Instagram/hafiztravoll

Paserang is located in the Alas Strait, right on the west side of Poto Tano Port on Sumbawa. This place can only be reached by boat, you can charter one from the fishermen in Poto Tano. Usually, you can visit various islands around Poto Tano with just one charter of the boat.

Paserang and Belang Islands. via Instagram/fabiankiby

If you depart from Lombok, you must go to Kayangan Port. From there, you will cross to the island of Sumbawa, more precisely at the port, of Poto Tano. From this port you can charter a boat to get to Paserang Island and the surrounding islands.

The topography of Paserang Island

The shore of Paserang. via Instagram/fabiankiby

Paserang is a small, almost circular island with a diameter of about 500 meters. When you come here you will arrive at a wooden dock. You can walk on the pier till you reach the smooth white sand beach. The scenery here is very beautiful, you might want to pause to appreciate it.

A lovely small island. via Instagram/fadildels

As you go deeper into the land, you will see this island is dominated by grass with a few bushes here and there. Sticking in the middle of the island is a hill with visible path. Walk along this path and you will get to the top of the hill before you know it. The view here is simply how you can see lots of small islands as well as Sumbawa and Lombok.

Unfinished Resort

The unfinished resort. via Instagram/dwi3788

On Paserang Island, you will see a number of wooden huts whose construction has not been completed. The lodges are part of a resort that was being built but then experiences licensing problems. The initial plan was to build a luxury resort with high-class facilities, including a swimming pool. It is not clear when the construction of this resort will continue.

Rich Underwater life

Snorkeling at Paserang. via Instagram/vea_janier

Paserang Island has quite calm waters because its location is relatively protected from large oceans. You can relax on the beach, or swim and snorkel in the waters. You will find healthy coral reefs underwater. The waters here is crystal clear, so you can explore and enjoy the marine view easily.

Be careful when enjoying the sea. via Instagram/vea_janier

There is no accommodation whatsoever in this island so you have to bring all your equipment yourself if you want to snorkel or swim. You have to be very careful because this island is literally located in the middle of the sea, so professional emergency help might be a bit hard to get.

Wonderful view of the island. via Instagram/oktusti

Paserang Island is an exotic choice if you want to venture outside Lombok or Sumbawa. This island is really accessible even though you have to go through a lot of transit from one harbor to the others. Overall, this island is a wonderful destination to visit.

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