The Legendary Parangtritis Beach of Yogyakarta


In the past decade, Yogyakarta has shown exponential growth in its tourism industry. There are a lot of new tourist destinations that popped up in this Java’s south coast province.

Parangtritis Beach. via Instagram/dinabariy

Even so, old tourist objects are not necessarily forgotten. One that is still very popular is Parangtritis Beach. This beach is a legendary tourist destination, has been famous for very long as one of the icons of Yogyakarta tourism.

Parangtritis beach

Exploring the beach. via Instagram/hannif.andy

Physically, Parangtritis beach consists of a vast soft brownish white sand stretch that meets the blue sea. In fact, this beach has become popular because of its general vastness of its sand stretch.

Walking along this beach can be quite tiring because Parangtritis is very long. This beach is also very popular for those who want to watch spectacular south sea’s sunset.

Paragliding Hill

Paragliding Hill. via instagram/kinaryo_palupi

On one side of Parangtritis Beach, there are several quite high hills towering over the beach. The hills form dramatic cliffs that you can see clearly from the shoreline. The hill is then used as a base for paragliding. If you are a fan of this extreme sport, you can come to Parangtritis and enjoy the beauty of the entire beach right from above.

Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo

Gumuk Pasir. via Instagram/nazlafarah13

Not too far from Parangtritis beach, there is a pretty famous Parangkusumo sandbank. This sand dune, you might call it so, can fool your eyes and make you think as if you were in the Sahara or in the Middle East.

Even though it is not too large, the sand dune has a unique view, especially since it is located in a tropical climate and the surrounding area is overgrown with green vegetation. This sand dune is a great destination for those who want to get sensational photos. In other words, this sandbank is very instagenic.

Parangtritis exploration

Exploring the beach. via Instagram/jogjatitiknol

Parangtritis has a large area, exploring it by foot is not a wise choice. Fortunately, you can explore this area with many choices of vehicles. If you want to relax, you can rent a dokar or a horse-drawn train.

If you want to feel a little adventure, you can rent an ATV, trail bike, horse riding, or a Jeep tour. With various motorized vehicles, you can explore a much wider area, different landscapes, and exciting adventures.

Walking on a shore. via Instagram/amidrajad

Parangtritis is located about 30 km south of Yogyakarta City. The road to the beach is already very good so your trip will be smooth sailing. Parangtritis is proof that the existence of new tourist destinations does not necessarily threaten the existence of old ones.

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