Papandayan, Exotic Destination at the Height of Garut


To the southeast of Bandung, there is a regency known as its legendary beauty. The landscape of Garut has been well-known since centuries ago, even among the Europeans. Mount Papandayan is one of the most beautiful area you can find here.

Papandayan Crater. via Instagram/denise_marendradika

The Dutch dubbed this area as Mooi Garoet (Beautiful Garut) for a reason. Garut does not only have productive soil but also remarkably panoramic, especially Papandayan. This mountain is magical area where you can find many wonders. Here are some facts about Mount Papandayan in Garut.

Location and how to get there

Hiking Papandayan. via Instagram/ima_apriliani

Administratively Mount Papandayan is in Sirnajaya Village, Cisurupan District, Garut Regency. This place is situated 15 kilometers to the southwest of Garut City, accessible via private and public transportation. If you go there with public transport, you need to go to Cisurupan Square before then getting to the mountain by renting a pickup truck.

Hutan Mati Papandayan

Hutan Mati Papandayan. via Instagram/regitanov25

Literally means ‘Papandayan Death Forest’, this place does look otherworldly. This is a forest of dead trees, with dark trunks and leafless branches. This place can be creepy, especially during misty times. You will feel like you are venturing into another world, especially with the cold weather. The dead forest here somewhat looks like the one in White Crater Ciwidey.

Edelweiss Park

The edelweiss park. via Instagram/nrnal_y

Edelweiss, otherwise known as the eternal flower, is a rare and endangered species, especially in Indonesia. Many climbers and visitors pick these flowers as a souvenir from their trip. In Papandayan, the flower is highly protected. There is even a large garden of Edelweiss where you can enjoy this flower at its natural habitat.

The Crater

The smoking crater. via Instagram/adhiari_is

Papandayang is a volcano, an active one at that. The crater here is still active and producing sulfur non-stop, even though the amount is not as big as in Ijen. The clear sign that this volcano is still active is definitely the smoke that endlessly comes from its crater. There were lots of smaller craters but the eruption in 2002 destroy them all and created one big crater with a small lake at the center of it.

Papandayan Leisure Park

The Papandayan Leisure Park. via Instagram/astria_cahaya

This is a resort on the slope of Mount Papandayan. Taking advantage of the cool and hilly contour of the area, this resort is the modern development of tourism in this area. You can trek, camp, play, gather, and do many more activities here. This is the most comprehensive resort in Papandayan where you can get all the amenities and accommodation in one place.

Hutan Mati. via Instagram/orie.ceria

Papandayan is one of the legendary beauty in Garut that has been popular worldwide since centuries ago. Even the famed Chalie Chaplin had a vacation in Garut to escape from his busy work in Hollywood.

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