Panyaweuyan Hill, the Most Instagramable Hill in West Java


As a regency, Majalengka is not big in tourism. Majalengka is popular for its tile roof and like in many places in Indonesia, farming produce. However, this regency had its boost because of the popularity of Panyaweuyan Hill.

The hills. via Instagram/jalanjalandijawa

Located on the foot of Mount Ciremai, Panyaweuyan is a range of hills with a beautiful panorama. The area became a social media sensation because of the picture of its unique farm terraces. Here is what you can enjoy in Panyaweuyan Hill.

Instagramable terraces

The hills are well-terraced. via Instagram/xploremajalengka

The area is essentially a deforested hill that is used as farming land. Due to its naturally steep landscape, the only way they can make it work is by creating terraces. Unlike Ubud in Bali, the plants here are not solely rice. Most farmers in Panyaweuyan plant vegetables like cabbages, shallots, or lettuce.

The photogenic hills. via Instagram/mtma_majalengka

The terraces create lots of wonderful photo spots. First and foremost, you can enjoy the unique beauty of this place just like in any other tourist attractions. However, the main reason people come here is to take great pictures with the panoramic hills as the background.


Colorful sky during sunrise. via Instagram/ridwan_anew

One of the best time to enjoy this place is during sunrise. You can see the sun comes out behind a scenic hill, creating a burst of colors. You will see a color play in the sky, from violet, golden, to blue – all in one sequence. Similar effects can also be found during the sunset, but many people consider the sunrise is more spectacular.

Hiking Mount Ciremai

Hiking Mount Ciremai. via Instagram/kazamasa_a9

Just about a kilometer away from Panyaweuyan Hill, you can find one of the ascent points to hike Mount Ciremai; the Apuy Trek. Mount Ciremai is a National Park and the main office is situated at the Apuy. You will have to climb through seven posts to reach the summit of this mountain. Many climbers visit Panyaweuyan as a stopover destination after their hike.


A farmer is working on shallot farm via Instagram/adeomz_94

The ticket to enjoy the scenery at Panyaweuyan is only IDR5000 per person. When visiting this place, you must always remember that the whole area is an actual farm. Try your best to respect the hard work of farmers there and avoid destroying their crops.

The hills during sunrise. via Instagram/erwinsyah07

There are many spots that are ideal for taking great pictures in this area. However, you can get really wonderful photos if you take it from above using a drone. The whole area of Panyaweuyan is a remarkable mixture between nature and human activities, so capturing it as a whole will add another dimension to your photos.

Unreal view of the hills. via Instagram/purnoadji

Panyaweuyan Hill is accessible overland. The route, especially near the actual hills gets a bit narrow but still passable by cars. The best time to visit this place is during the dry season from May to October. Also, you’d better come early if you want to see the magical sunrise here.

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