Panaitan Island, a Surfing Paradise on Ujung Kulon


At the western end of Java, there is a wonderful Ujung Kulon National Park. This park is popular as the sanctuary for Javan Rhino, but it’s much more than that. One of the most popular places is the Panaitan Island, which is off the coast of Ujung Kulon.

Panaitan is a rather enigmatic island. Being part of Ujung Kulon, you cannot freely enter this island like in other places. Conservation comes first here. Nonetheless, you can still have a lot of fun in Panaitan, especially if you are surfers. Here is what you need to know about Panaitan Island.


The shore of Panaitan. via Instagram/donandantino

Panaitan is located a few kilometers to the north of the mainland Ujung Kulon. Administratively, this island is located at Ujungjaya, Sumur, Pandeglang Regency, Banten. The entire Panaitan Island is a protected area, meaning that you must adhere to several strict conservation laws. However, as long as you don’t come to endanger the environment, you will not encounter any problem here.

Great Wave and Rolls

Enjoying the waves. via Instagram/panaitanislandsurfingtour

Panaitan has many great surfing spots. One Palm Point, Napalms, Illusions, Indicators, Apocalypse, Croc & Rolls, and Pussy are the somewhat eclectic names given by the surfers for the surfing spots in this island. The best aspect of surfing here is that there is a guarantee that the surfing spots will never be crowded. There is an ‘Exclusive Surfing Management Plan’ to ensure that the beaches are never too full of surfers.

 Rich Underwater Life

The rich underwater life. via instagram/surfingpanaitan

It’s not just the land and the wave, even the underwater is filled with life. The marine life on this island is still pristine. Venturing deep into the waters of Panaitan will be an interesting experience. However, you must remember that in some places, the current can be really strong. Be sure that you have a good guide and equipment if you want to dive here.

Wild and Protected

A deer on the beach. via Instagram/bonzai_casafa

You will find very few other tourists in Panaitan Island. It is more likely that you’ll meet wild animals such as deer and boars on the beach. Panaitan is not only protected by Indonesian law, but also by UNESCO. However, fishing on the open waters is allowed. You might catch yellowfin tuna, red snapper, grouper, giant trevally, and many more.

Playing with the waves. via Instagram/

Panaitan Island is a great place to explore, especially if you are looking for a calm vacation, away from the crowd. There are lots of activities you can do on this island and its waters. For foreign tourists, though, this island is popular as a surfing haven.

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