Unusual Café with Unique and Instagrammable Foods


Bandung is known for the creativity of its people. Many national trends started in this city, confirming its status as one of the cultural centers in Indonesia. In term of food, you can also find some restaurants and cafes that serve unusual foods in this city.

The Dream's Cake. via Instagram/
The Dream’s Cake. via Instagram/dinarnaj

Some restaurants prefer to serve a great portion, some other tinker with the colors and texture of their food. Here are some of the places where you can find unusually colored food that would be perfect for your Instagram feed.


56Degrees. via Instagram/
56Degrees. via Instagram/detektifrasa_trans7

This is the place when you can eat ‘soap’ and other bathing paraphernalia like duck tub, and towel. There are even bubbles to make it even more convincing. The Bathing Kit menu might give some doubt over whether it is safe to eat. Well, it is.

There is also Peanut Butter Soap which looks exactly like a bar of soap. And then there is also Bonfire Chocolate with an actual mini bonfire to toast the marshmallows. Remember to take the pictures of your food before the feast.

Eightfully Milk & Coffee Bar

Eighfully Milk & Milk Bar. via Instagram/
Eighfully Milk & Milk Bar. via Instagram/urflavormarket

Eightfully is located in Astanaanyar area, Eightfully Milk and Coffee Bar combine some local traditional culture and western food. Semar (a wayang character) is a fresh watermelon combined with delightful ice cream.

Petruk is a roasted corn combined with ice cream in a unique shape. You can have a double dessert of mango juice with vanilla ice cream topping and green tea blend with Tictac topping.

Verde Resto & Lounge

Rainbow Volcano Pizza. via Instagram/
Rainbow Volcano Pizza. via Instagram/ikbardhafin

Located in a prime Dago area, Verde Resto and Lounge offer several wonderfully looking food. The most popular is probably the rainbow volcano pizza. That dome-shaped pizza will be lighted up in flames right in front of you. There is also the cream and caramel that cages a cake, with strawberry at the tip of the cage. There are other colorful foods that you can try here.

The Dream’s Cake

The Dream's Cake. via Instagram/
The Dream’s Cake. via Instagram/duniakulinerbdg

The most obviously striking food in this café is the colorful cotton candy. They make a cotton candy tower, complete with some hidden ice cream in the middle of it. You must try the Taiyaki ice cream with red bean and red velvet flavor. On top of that, you will also get fruit loops on your ice cream. Not everything has to be eaten here as you can bring home cakes in a jar.

Dino Donuts

Dino Donuts. vis Instagram/
Dino Donuts. vs Instagram/dinodonuts

Normally donuts are shaped like a circle, whether with or without a hole inside it. However, in Dino Donuts, you will be eating donuts in the shape of dinosaurs. A box of colorful Dino Donuts with hot chocolate would be perfect for a joyful hang out with friends. In case you need it, you can order your donuts to be an alphabet. Apart from donuts, you should also try their ice cream sandwich.

56Degrees. via Instagram/
56Degrees. via Instagram/bandungfoodsociety

Bandung is a perfect place for you to fill your belly while also feeding your Instagram account. There are so many pretty foods offered in this city. They are so unusually pretty that you might find it hard to start biting them.

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