Exploring the Unknown North Morowali Destinations


North Morowali is a regency in Central Sulawesi. In terms of tourism, Morowali is not yet developed well, might be on par with several other regencies in the area. However, they start to develop their tourism industry. As of now, there are several wonderful destinations in North Morowali that you can explore.

The view of Kolonodale. via Instagram/wahid_mewanta

Most of the destinations in North Morowali are still in pristine condition. So, most of their best spots are natural beauties such as lakes, beaches, or waterfalls. Unfortunately, some of the places are not easily accessible. Here are some of them

Tomori Bay

Hills and bays. via Instagram/idruswahyuni

This is probably the most accessible destination in the Regency. The capital of the regency, Kolonodale, is located in this bay. You can find beautiful beaches, dramatic cliffs, and natural rock formations.

Not to mention that the water is really calm and clear, it practically invites you to splash and explore. You can ren a boat from local fishermen to get you to the best spots in this relatively huge bay.

Panapa Waterfall

A pond near the waterfall. via Instagram/syamz_rustam

This waterfall is only ten kilometers away from the capital city Kolonodale. The waterfall is not too high, but the stream can be really strong during the rainy season. If you come here during the dry season, you can enjoy swimming in the pond and subsequent river flow. When the stream is not too strong, there is even a large pond that is also really popular.

Tiu Lake

A fishing lake. via Instagram/mita_tinjak

Located in West Petasia District, this lake is actually not too far from Kolonodale, only about seven kilometers or so. The lake is not too big, actually. However, it is very beautiful with the mountainous panorama nearby. This lake is also still in a pristine condition, making it a great place to unwind and refresh. Even though Tiu Lake is not too far from the sea, it is still a popular spot for fishing.

Lowo Lake

Busy day on the lake. via Instagram/yalid_sakaria

If you are really into fishing, you can go to Lowo Lake. This is a popular freshwater fishing destination in North Morowali. It is located at Moleono Village, West Petasia. Getting to this lake shouldn’t be a problem. However, finding the best fishing spot in the lake is a bit different.

You can, of course, pick a spot on the shore and cast your line from there. However, for the best experience, you might want to charter a boat and let the experienced fishermen cum boatmen get you to the best spots.

Tomori Bay at night. via Instagram/si_bolangkecce

North Morowali Regency is not a big player in the tourism industry yet. However, that doesn’t mean this regency lacks great spots. There are a lot of North Morowali destinations that you can choose should you ever want to have a vacation here.

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