Best Places for Ngabuburit in Bandung


Ngabuburit is the art of spending time in the afternoon. The term comes from a Sundanese word which means exactly so; enjoying the time before the sun sets. This is a popular activity, especially during Ramadan. Ngabuburit in Bandung can be very enjoyable since there are many lovely places to visit.

Braga Street. via Instagram/winarno_lulusingbudi

Bandung, the capital of West Java, is a city that never stops exploring new innovations. As a result, you can find many wonderful places to explore while waiting for iftar. Here are some of the best places for Ngabuburit in Bandung.

Bandung Grand Mosque

Bandung Grand Mosque. via Instagram/mulkisalman

Just like in many cities in Indonesia, the main square of the town is surrounded by the grand mosque, other worshipping places, government center, and usually market. In Bandung, the square has become the actual front yard of the grand mosque. If you want to spend your afternoon here, you can relax on the artificial grass or getting close to god in the mosque. Anyway, the place is great whether you want a relaxing or religious atmosphere.

Braga Street

Braga Street. via Instagram/bucek_denk

Today, Braga Street is one of the icons of Bandung. Along this street, you can find many old buildings, the remnants of the Dutch Colonial era. There are stores and businesses here. The actual charm of Braga is only visible when you walk there. You might feel nostalgic as the atmosphere here can evoke your hidden memories. Try calming walk on this street, and you will feel as if you go back in time.

Taman Film

Taman Film. via Instagram/jelajahbandung

The Pasupati Flyover is another landmark of Bandung. However, the actual fun often happens just under the road. Under this flyover, you can find Taman Film (Film Park). Just as the name suggests, you can watch movies on a big screen here. This place has become a gathering point for independent filmmakers in Bandung, including several film festivals. You can watch movies or join the film discussion while waiting for iftar.

Skywalk Cihampelas

Cihampelas. via Instagram/hellotris_

To define it simply, Skywalk Cihampelas is a terrace/pathways built on top of Cihampelas Street. This 450-meter walk can be refreshing, especially because the afternoon air in Bandung is rather cool. There are many small stalls selling almost anything, from food till souvenirs. It can be a strange feeling knowing that there is actual traffic under your feet.

Gedung Sate and Gasibu Field

Gedung Sate. via Instagram/hermaa.j

Gedung Sate is actually a functional government building. However, due to its history and unique shape, there are many visitors coming here almost every day. Gasibu Field is across the road of Gedung Sate. This field is a favorite place for youngsters to spend the afternoon. From this point, you can easily get to culinary centers in Cisangkuy, Dipati Ukur, or Cimandiri.

Bandung Grand Mosque. via instagram/agus_bang

Bandung is always a great destination, regardless of the time. However, during Ramadan, this city becomes even more special due to its many wonderful places for ngabuburit.

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