Go Around the World at Merapi Park Yogyakarta


The World Landmarks Merapi Park is a theme park located in Yogyakarta. This plant is relatively young because it only opened in June 2017.

Amazing Photography via Instagram/dodiefdi

This park has a ‘small world’ concept with many miniatures of famous landmarks of the world. The idea is that you can travel the world in a short time by exploring this park. Here are some facts about The World Landmarks Merapi Park.

There are many world-famous landmarks

Eiffel Tower replica. via Instagram/ressaapriliah

You can find lots of landmarks from all over the world in this park. All landmark miniatures are great for taking beautiful photos. You can see replicas of the famous Brandenburg Gate buildings from Berlin, the Eiffel Tower from Paris, the leaning tower of Pisa, or Big Ben from London.

A small windmill. via Instagram/merapipark.jogja

In addition, you can also find the Statue of Liberty from New York – United States, typical Dutch windmills, or pagodas from East Asia. The buildings here have impressive structure and similarity even though they are not 100% accurate with the original buildings. This landmark miniature can be a photo spot that can fulfill your social media feed.

Miscellaneous from certain cities

Red phone box. via Instagram/erliza132

In addition to famous landmarks, this park also provides several spots which are replicas of miscellaneous items from certain areas. You can find the four-letter love statue that you typically find in New York or telephone boxes and post office boxes that are usually found in London.

Children’s playground

Children Waterpark. via Instagram/merapipark.jogja

The park is also equipped with various fun playgrounds for children. The most favorited is the waterpark here. Children can safely play in the shallow pools. There are a number of slides and a giant bucket on it. This place also has a replica of the Wildlife Park that can be an educational park for your children. If you just want to relax, you can go to the fountain in the middle of this park.

Exciting family activities

Jemparingan. via Instagram/merapipark.jogja

There are several activities for families in this park. The first is learning traditional Javanese archery or known as jemparingan. This archery activity is done by sitting cross-legged. Jemparingan will train your calmness, patience, concentration, and vision.

Indian village. via Instagram/merapipark.jogja

You can also come to the Indian village where you can rent costumes for the whole family and then take a photo together like an American Indian family.

Merapi Park. via Instagram/merapipark.jogja

The World Landmarks Merapi Park can be an ideal place for families to unwind and learn new things. At the very least, you will be able to show the world to your children.

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