Mentawai, the Perfect Paradise for Surfers


Indonesia has many wonderful spots for surfing. You can find many rolls and barrels in Indonesian waters. The most popular one is definitely in southern Bali. Although not naturally spectacular in size, surfing spots in Bali is popular due to the popularity of the whole area. Another popular spot is in Mentawai Islands.

Standing in the barrell. via Instagram/botikresort_mentawais

Surfing at Mentawai means you have to come during the dry seasons to get the best waves. It can also be quite pricey due to the fact that the location is rather isolated, at the western shore of Sumatera Island. Here is what you need to know before going surfing at Mentawai.


Playing with the wave. via Instagram/ltlsurfcharters

Mentawai Islands is located to the west of Western Sumatera Province. It is a compound of small islands that stretches from north to south. Most of the area is protected under the National Park. The easiest way to get to islands is by flying to Padang and then take a boat to whichever island you desire most. There are many surf resort that will be able to cater to all your needs.

Staying on land vs on boat

You can chase the best waves on a boat. via Instagram/slidingchronicles

There are two ways you can enjoy your surf here. The first one is to stay in surf camps. The surf camps in Mentawai usually offer all-inclusive packages that include transfers from Padang, boat access to local breaks, hearty meals, and a private bungalow. The other way is by chartering a boat. On the boat, you can travel from one break to another easily, meaning you can get the best possible waves.

The waves

Surrounded by waves. via Instagram/mathys_sarah

There are many spots in Mentawai that have been explored and used for surfing. Each spot has its own characteristics and unique trait. Here are some of the best surfing waves in Mentawai: Bank Vaults, Pit Stop, Nipussi, E-Bay, Four Bobs, No Kanduis, Macaronis, Hollow trees, Rifles, Thunder, and Beng Bengs.

Other activities

Mentawai tribesmen. via Instagram/campatour

Mentawai is not only about the waves, though. The islands have pristine jungles that you can explore. The lush rainforest here are rich with flora and fauna and incredible ecosystem. The islands are also home to the indigenous Mentawai Tribe. Even though they mainly still practice their old ways, they are pretty open to outsiders.

Enjoying the waves. via instagram/ciexardiles

Mentawai is one of the surfing paradises in Indonesia. This archipelago is not the easiest to reach, but they will give you probably one of the best surfing experience you’ve ever had. The best time of the year to visit mentawai is between March and October.

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