Taman Buah Mekarsari, the Largest Fruit Garden in the World


Mekarsari Taman Buah (Fruit Park Mekarsari) is a center of tropical fruits conservation. It is one of the biggest of its kind in the world. To summarize, it is the place for agronomy, breeding, and the seedling producer. It is also a great tourist destination.

The large area of Mekarsari. via Instagram/mekarsari_fruitgarden

This park aims to be the biggest collector of quality seeds of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. It also aims to be a horticultural recreational park, the center of fruit and vegetable research. Located in Bogor, this is a great place to visit for Jakartans who want to experience a little green and escape from the busy city. Here are some reasons why you should visit Mekarsari.

Fruit Garden

Melon. via Instagram/mekarsari_fruitgarden

Needless to say, the most popular destination is, of course, the fruit garden. This is not your typical garden. It is so well arranged that you can enjoy not only common fruits. Here you can also see rare and exotic fruits from all over the world. For example, you can see red durians, ruby lychee, corpse flower, mangosteen, ping-pong litchi, and lots of unique sapodillas.

Playing Arena

Have fun with the ‘fruits’. via Instagram/mekarsari_fruitgarden

Children will be enjoying this arena. The playing arena features lots of fun activities. Your children can ride a mini car to go around the Fun Valley. There is also 3D Trick Art which is fun for everyone. You can have unique pictures at this place. Finally, you can also enjoy an outbound area where you can have fun activities like flying fox, group activities, and games.

Water Arena

Dragon boat. via Instagram/mekarsari_fruitgarden

Apart from the interesting rides on land, you can also enjoy several water activities in this park. The water zone is another fun area where everyone can enjoy themselves. Kids will love water bike, banana boat, and giant bubble. Meanwhile, the grownups can try dragon boat, rolling donut, and the challenging new banana boat. Fruity water bike would be great for the whole family.

Exploration Rides

Fun rides. via Instagram/mekarsari_fruitgarden

If you want to enjoy most of Mekarsari, you might not be able to do so on foot because this park is huge. Not to worry, though. You can ride on several vehicles provided by the park here. You can rent a bike or tuk-tuk bike for your children so that they can explore more. They even provide a tandem bike. You can also ride the fruity coach that will get you to many places. For a bit of adventure, you can also rent an ATV.

The iconic Mekarsari building. via Instagram/mekarsari_fruitgarden

Mekarsari is a great recreational place for families. It is a brilliant educational tourist spot as well as wonderful to have fun. You everyone in the family can enjoy a nice day out at this fruit park.

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