The Unusual and Unique Masjid Raya Sumatra Barat


The Grand Mosque of West Sumatra is a striking building, you will notice it the first time you have your eyes on it. Instead of the common dome-y shapes, this mosque uses a lot of local traditional architecture style. It has a somewhat square base with the beautiful wavy roof. The façade, from all sides, looks very beautiful too.

The majectic mosque. via Instagram/kevinsebastianus

There are lots of symbolism and philosophy going on in this mosque. Every detail is well-thought and they serve a purpose. Here is what you need to know about Masjid Raya Sumatra Barat.

Great Location

The uniqe mosque. via Instagram/

Great Sumatra West Mosque is the largest mosque in West Sumatra. This mosque is also located on a very strategic location. The official address is at the intersection of Khatib Sulaiman Road and Jalan Ahmad Dahlan, Padang City. Furthermore, Masjid Raya Sumatra Barat complex has an area of about 40,343 square meters, with the main building of the mosque consisting of three floors.

History and Meaning

The building is very philosophical. via Instagram/susantiirman

The architect who designed this mosque is Rizal Muslimin. He was inspired by three important symbols in Minang namely: the water spring, crescent moon, and Rumah Gadang. Accordingly, they all serves to portray the history of Islam in Minangkabau and the subsequent Islamic traditions. The overall shape of the building also resembles the stretch of cloth used to carry Hajar Aswad, the sacred stone in Mecca.

Religious Tourism

Visiting the mosque. via instagram/ayu.fadly

Whether it was planned or not, the beauty of this mosque attracts lots and lots of tourists. Consequently, the mosque has become a popular tourist destination in West Sumatra. Some people come to pray inside the beautiful mosque, some of them just want to admire the beauty of the construction. So it’s not really surprising to know that there are many non-Muslims who also visit this mosque.


The wonderful mosque. via Instagram/angkot_padang

Those who come to this mosque will have a great opportunity to take wonderful photo. Additionally, this mosque is beautiful at day or night. In today’s language, this mosque is extremely Instagramable. Almost every part of the mosque is beautiful. Most people only take pictures for fun outside though, to respect the worshipping activities inside.

Colorful panorama. via Instagram/tourmasjid

Minangkabau is a land with a rich culture and strong Islamic values. It all somehow is reflected on the beautiful Masjid Raya Sumatra Barat. This striking building has a lot of meaning while also is very beautiful. It is no wonder that this mosque has become a popular destination.

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