Wonderful Hot Spring Experience at Maribaya Resort and Spa


Maribaya is a well-known tourist destination in Lembang, Bandung. Naturally, the Maribaya region is a hilly area surrounded by green forests with a cool climate. Maribaya’s main attraction has always been its natural hot springs.

Maribaya Resort. via Instagram/benny.paw

Maribaya has developed into a modern with professional management. This place not only provides hot spring pools but also many other interesting attractions. Here is a glimpse about what you can enjoy at Maribaya Resort.

Foot Spa

Foot Spa. via Instagram/maribayaglampingtent

As the name suggests, this place is a pool where you can relax by putting your feet in a hot tub. The average temperature of the water is 40 degrees Celsius. Soaking your feet in this pool is believed to make them healthier. Ticket to enjoy the foot spa is IDR 25,000 per person

Deluxe Pool

Enjoying hot water in the evening. via Instagram/atien.artiena

Deluxe Pool is a hot pool designed for families. It is basically an infinity pool with hot water and is located under shady green trees. This place is suitable for all family members including small children. The entrance ticket to this pool is IDR 35,000 per person.

VIP Pool

Enjoying the water with friends. via Instagram/atien.artiena

This is an exclusive soaking place for families. This hot pool is relatively small in size with a fairly exclusive location. This pool is built with a natural theme with river rocks as its walls. This pool entrance ticket is IDR90,000 that includes toiletries and towels. You can choose a higher package that includes a meal and a welcome Drink.

Hot tub room

Nice hot tub. via Instagram/maribayaresort

If you want to enjoy total privacy while soaking in Maribaya’s natural hot water, you can go to its private room. Here you can enjoy the warmth of the water in the private hot tub. You will enter a unique room where a hot tub is inviting you to relax. The price of this room is IDR 90,000 per person with facilities such as toiletry and towels.

Children’s playground

Playground. via Instagram/sellyselvianty

There are several places that will make your children hooked in Maribaya. Children playground is a designated area where children play to their heart’s content. There is also an animal feeding station where you and your children feed the animals that are kept in Maribaya. There are rabbits and sheep that you can interact with.


Twig Cafe. via Instagram/teguhindo_71

Maribaya has several places to eat. Lang Lang Buana Food Court is an integrated dining area that serves traditional West Javanese food. You can enjoy eating here with a fresh natural atmosphere. Twig Cafe is a place to relax where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with complete serenity. This cafe also has a unique waterfall view.

Photo Spots

Great photo spot. via Instagram/warmanwardhani

There are some interesting photo spots that you can find in Maribaya. Cikawari Foto Spot is a photo platform with a background of the Cikawari waterfall. In addition to taking pictures of yourself, you can also use the services of a professional photographer and then directly print the photos on site. The Hobbit House is a ubiquitous photo area in almost all tourist resorts in Bandung. The Skybridge is an area where you can see almost all Maribaya resort areas.

Nice warm pools. via Instagram/maribayaresort

To enter Maribaya, you will be charged a ticket for IDR 35,000 per person. To enjoy various facilities there, you are also required to pay. This resort can be an interesting destination if you want to relax in a hot tub in the cold air of Lembang.

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