Luxury Mudik, the New Lavish Way to Go Home


Mudik is the mass travel of migrant workers from big cities like Jakarta or Surabaya to their home cities and villages. This activity occurs a few days before major holidays, especially Lebaran or Eid al-Fitr. In other words, mudik usually happens during the last days of Ramadan. Today, there is an option of luxury mudik.

Inside a private jet cabin. via Instagram/jvairmaintenance

Traditionally, people mudik with their personal vehicles like cars or motorcycle. However, some others choose public transport like train, airplane, or buses to go home. However, overland transport is usually very hectic and traffic jams are everywhere. Fortunately, there are new ways to go back home via luxury mudik nowadays. Here are the options.


Helicity, a helicopter charter operator. via Instagram/helicityindonesia

Going home on a helicopter seems like an over-the-top way especially considering it only covers a rather short flight. However, with a helicopter, you get a guarantee that you will never encounter any traffic jam. Generally, helicopter service covers the short flight from Jakarta to Bandung or surrounding area. One of the operators is Whitesky Aviation with its main product; Helicity. The rate from Jakarta to Bandung is ranging from 14 to 24 million rupiahs. For long distance, the rate is IDR30 million per hour.

Luxury Cars

renting a luxury car is also an option. via Instagram/muhammad_rasono_widyanto

Another way to go home in style is by renting a luxury car. If you are coming home alone or only with your spouse, you can rent a luxury sedan. However, if you are traveling with the whole family, renting a big family car is a better option. Usually, the rate for a luxury minivan like Alphard is roughly two million rupiahs per day.

Luxury Train

Luxury sleeper train. via Instagram/keretaapiinside

Another way to go home in luxury is by riding a train, a special train. If you are going from Jakarta to East Java, you can try the sleeper train. This is indeed the most luxurious train you’ll ever find in Indonesia. Each seat is a single cabin with a modern console, including touchscreen television. The seat is also expandable, making it comfortable to sleep, thus the name sleeper train.

Luxury Bus

Inside luxury bus. via Instagram/

There are several operators which offer luxury buses. Several types of luxury buses is offered, from the ‘normal’ luxury with ultra-comfortable seats, to the ones with a luxury coach. Furthermore, you can even hold a small business meeting in one of its compartments. So, even if you are trapped in a jam, you can still enjoy your time on this bus.

Private Jet

Private jet. via instagram/jetkensington

You don’t have to buy your own plane to be able to fly on a private jet. In fact, there are many companies that offer private jet service. Aviation business can be quite complicated with the license, ground landing, immigration service, et cetera. However, by using the service of such a company, you can fly virtually anywhere hassle-free as everything will be taken care of.

Helicity squadron. via Instagram/helicityindonesia

If going home in style is your preference and money isn’t a problem, then you have many luxurious ways to mudik. There are many companies that offer luxurious private transportation service, any way you like it. In this era, luxury mudik has become a popular choice.

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