Lovina Beach, the Playground of Dolphins in Bali


Unlike the many beaches in South Bali, Lovina Beach is predominantly black sandy beaches located on the north coast of the island. Lovina is a combination of smaller beaches, stretching across two districts in Buleleng. Compared to southern beaches, Lovina is relatively calmer and less crowded.

Dolphins in Lovina. via Instagram/
Dolphins in Lovina. via Instagram/bali24jamcom

There is no challenging waves for surfers either but Lovina has its own charms. From diving to hot springs, Lovina offers a range of unique activities for tourists that they may not find in the south.

This beach is also easily accessible by road from any part of Bali. Here are some fun activities you can do in Lovina.

Dolphin Watching

Dolphins in Lovina. via Instagram/
Dolphins in Lovina. via Instagram/boovstudio

Some say that Lovina is the playground of dolphins. Dolphin watching is indeed the most popular attractions in this coasts. You can go watching dolphin by chartering a motorized traditional jukung boat.

Usually, the tour to watch dolphins set out early in the morning, along with the fishermen. Dolphin in this calm sea has created a mutualistic relationship with local fishermen. The dolphin pods will lead the fishermen to the mackerel or sardines schools.

Banjar Hot Spring

Banjar Hot Spring. via Instagram/
Banjar Hot Spring. via Instagram/choutime09

Approximately five kilometers to the southwest of Lovina, there is the Banjar Hot Springs. This is actually an ancient hot spring but it gets renovated along time and today it has modern facilities albeit its ancient look.

You can enjoy the bath under eight Balinese Dragons’ head spouts. Just next to it, there is a larger pool, suitable for families. It is believed that bathing here can give health benefits.

Brahmavihara-Arama Buddhist Temple

Brahmavihara-Arama. via Instagram/
Brahmavihara-Arama. via Instagram/brahmaviharaarama

Brahmavihara-Arama is the largest Buddhist monastery in Bali. Located about 15 minutes from Lovina, this monastery is an ideal place to calm your mind with its many beautiful gardens, meditation rooms, libraries and the replica of Borobudur.

This monastery is open to tourist from all religions. Just like when entering sacred Balinese temple, you will have to wear proper attire to enter Brahmavihara-Arama; wearing sarong and sash.

Pura Beji Temple

Pura Beji. via Instagram/
Pura Beji. via Instagram/alfa806

Located about eight kilometers from Lovina Beach, Pura Beji is a large temple complex with unique architecture, even for Bali’s standard. This complex was built in the 15th century when Majapahit spread its influence in Bali. The walls inside the complex are clearly worn by time but it still shows its great story with the carvings of classic Hindu Epics.

There are also lots of pillars and carvings within this complex. Entrance is free though you can donate in the donation box. You also need to wear proper sarong and sash to enter Pura Beji.

Sunset in Lovina. via Instagram/
Sunset in Lovina. via Instagram/fortunatusandi

Lovina is not a native Bali name, it was taken from the first resort in the area. It is not a secluded beach, but it is definitely not a crowded one. You can still enjoy the beach on its black sand, especially during sunsets. It can be said that sunsets are the highlight of this beach. The accommodation here is excellent and the nightlife is great.

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