Megalithic Mysteries at Lore Lindu National Park


Lore Lindu National Park is located in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Unlike any other national parks in Indonesia, Lore Lindu is not merely about conserving natural ecosystem and protecting endangered animals. Lore Lindu is the place you visit for its megaliths curiosities.

A megalith. via Instagram/dittobirawa

In short, Lore Lindu not only protecting the nature but also protecting the historic megaliths that are abundant in this area. Here are some of the best attractions you can enjoy at Lore Lindu National Park in Central Sulawesi.

The National Park

The national park and the megaliths. via Instagram/liemilona

Lore Lindu is home to numerous rare species, including 77 species of birds that are endemic to Sulawesi. There are also Anoa, Babirusa, Tonkean Macaque, Kuskus, and many more.

This park is designated as part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. This park covers multiple ecosystem types, from tropical lowland forest to sub-alpine forest at the height of over 2000 meter above sea level.

Mysterious Megaliths

The megalith. via Instagram/krystynasura

This park also protect more than 400 granite megaliths scattered all over the area. These megaliths were made before the 13th century but the historians still don’t know what the function of these carved rocks is. The size of the megaliths varies from a few centimeter to 4.5 meters long. Some megaliths are in the form of giant pots and their lids.

Animal and bird watching

Tarsius. via Instagram/nurdinrazakwildlife

For nature lovers, Lore Lindu offers a great adventure without hurting the environment. One of the choices is by animal and bird watching activity.  Many places offer bird watching but here you can enjoy watching tarsius, kuskus, anoa, many species of birds and many more in their natural habitat.

Trekking to Mount Rorekatimbu

Hiking Mount Rorekatimbu. via Instagram/faadlli

If you are a mountaineer, you can also enjoy trekking to the top of Mount Rorekatimbu. The mountain is relatively easy to hike with only a few challenging trek to the top. The interesting part about this mountain is not only the summit but also its vegetation. The most popular ones are the nephentes, otherwise known as pitcher plants.

The Scenic Lakes

Tambing Lake. vai Instagram/bbtnlorelindu

There are several lakes you can find in Lore Lindu National Park. The most popular one is Tambing Lake, located on a highland, near Mount Rorekatimbu. Many visitors enjoy camping near this lake for its cool climate and scenic view. Other than that, there is also Lindu Lake that is surrounded by mountains.

The national park. via Instagram/krystynasura

Lore Lindu is a unique national park where you can enjoy not only pristine natural ecosystem but also many unusual megaliths. You can also explore this park in many ways; enjoying watching some rare animals, hike a mountain, camp in the lakeside, and many more.

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