Luxury Stay at Lelewatu Resort Sumba


The island of Sumba is one of the main resort islands in the East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT). Sumba is popular for its beautiful natural wonders as well as unique culture. Sumba also home to several world-class resorts, one of them is Lelewatu Resort.

The resort. via Instagram/lelewaturesortsumba

Lelewatu aims to not only provide top-notch accommodation, but also an aim to make Sumba the next Bali. That is why the resort was designed to showcase the best aspect of Sumba. For example, it has the island’s exoticness, elegance, and unity with nature. Here is all you need to know about Lelewatu Resort.


Wonderful location. via Instagram/lelewaturesortsumba

The official address of this resort is at Jl. Lelewatu No.168, Wei Mangoma, Wanokaka, Sumba Barat, East Nusa Tenggara. The resort is sitting nicely on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean. Additionally, the whole area of the resort is roughly ten hectares of lush rainforest. Coming to this resort really does give you the best of Sumba; the beauty of its nature and the cultural aspect of it. Furthermore, all of the villas in Lelewatu are built-in Sumba traditional style.


The villas are well located in a nice location. via Instagram/lelewaturesortsumba

There are several villa choices in this resort, from one-bedroom villa to four bedrooms ones. All have private swimming pools. You can also choose one of the two umas (Sumbanese traditional house) if you come with friends or families.

The villas are also divided based on the location, with the cliff hanger ones is more preferable. The honeymoon villa is the absolute best for a couple, featuring a nice romantic sea view, an in-villa massage area, and a private swimming pool.

Amenities and Facilities

Spa at Lelewatu. via Instagram/lelewaturesortsumba

Lelewatu is a perfect resort to indulge yourself with rejuvenating head to toe treatment. Come to the resort’s Maraga Spa for several restoration treatments. In addition, the spa will even custom design the treatment for the best personal experiences. After all, a spa supposed to give the client the most relaxing and fulfilling rejuvenation experience. You can also have massages, lulur, pedicure, and manicure.


The inside of an uma. via Instagram/lelewaturesortsumba

The rates start at IDR10.9 million rupiah per night for the one-bedroom villa. Cliff hanger villa is some 30% more expensive than the ‘normal’ ones. Children are not allowed in most a one-bedroom villas for safety reason. However, children are welcome in the umas which has a rate of IDR49 million per night.

Waking up to a spectacular morning in Sumba is an everyday occasion in Lelewatu Resort. You can indeed enjoy the beautiful southern coast of Sumba combined with Sumbanese traditional style villas here. Amenities and facilities are world-class, making your vacation on this island unforgettable.