Indonesian Lebaran Shopping, a Celebratory Tradition


Indonesia is one of the countries that celebrate Ied al-Fitr or Lebaran the hardest. Muslims in Indonesia goes almost all out to celebrate this Islamic festive period. Lebaran shopping is an unofficial tradition, where people basically spend a lot to look good during the holiday.

Crowd of people at Pasar Tanah Abang, the biggest clothing wholesaler in South East Asia. Via Shutterstock/Georginapictures

You can almost say that there is no priority for Lebaran or during the last days of Ramadan. This ultra-consumerism has its good and bad sides. However, that is a tradition that has been going on for a very long time. Here is what you need to know about Lebaran shopping in Indonesia.

Peaking at one or two weeks prior to Ied

The exterior of Thamrin City which is known as Batik center marketplace in Tanah Abang district. Via Shutterstock/Georginapictures

Since everyone wants to enjoy a nice shopping experience, the markets are usually very crowded last week of Ramadan. According to research, people flocking the markets are mostly in this period. Apparently, people want to wait for the latest trend before buying new stuff. Also, a week will give the shopper time to choose the best items.

Flashy items

Gold jewelry is popular item near Lebaran. via Instagram/tokobintangmassurabaya

Now, the obligatory items that should be bought are clothes. Everyone will get new clothes for Lebaran. This is hardly special, everyone wants to look good when meeting with the extended family members. However, people also buy gold jewelry, new gadgets, and even a car. When they go, they usually want to impress the whole family. However, many people re-sell their gold or cars after Lebaran.

THR Bonus

Various activities of Beringharjo market visitors (11212015) include bargaining activities with buyers and other activities. via Shutterstock/Multi Ilham Anugriya

In Indonesia, employees get their bonus year just prior to Lebaran. The THR (the holiday grant) is one of the huge factors. After the employees get their THR, they tend to spend a lot on shopping. The couple with so many Ramadan and Lebaran promos, you probably can understand why shoppers tend to spend a lot. The temptation is too big to be ignored, somehow.

Shifting to online shopping

Shopping online. via Instagram/platinumpayments

In the last few years, there is a growing trend to shop online. With so many E-Commerce and Online Marketplaces, shopping can’t be easier. You can almost touch on your smartphone. The only concern about online shopping is the delivery time which can be quite hectic during the last days of Ramadan and Eid. That is why most people buy online two weeks before Lebaran.

Pasar Beringharjo. via Instagram/dhian_hardjodisastro

Lebaran is a cause of celebration because you are supposed to return to pure and innocent self. However, you can see a huge consumerism one on the flip side of this festive period.

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