Enjoy the Many Facets of Lebaran Shopping in Yogyakarta


In most of Indonesia, the few days before Lebaran is hectic days. People indulge themselves in a huge preparation to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. One of the must-do activities is shopping, and this happens everywhere. However, Lebaran shopping in Yogyakarta has many facets that might not be found anywhere else.

Inside Pasar Legi. via Instagram/kopral95149

For one, people in Yogyakarta prepare a lot of things prior to the Lebaran day. Consequently, they might have to go to different markets in the city to get all they need. Here are some of the best places for Lebaran shopping in Yogyakarta.


Malioboro. via Instagram/nereusvenda

Technically, Malioboro is just a street, a legendary one. However, there are many stores and even a mall for you to shop. Shopping along Malioboro is maybe a bit more expensive than in traditional markets because most are branded items. However, the charm of shopping here is that you can also enjoy the legendary street, especially at night. If you are just a tourist, you can even buy many souvenir items there.

Beringharjo Market

Beringharjo Market. via Instagram/mfdzikrirahmat

This is where you buy your clothes and fabric. Beringharjo is the oldest market in keratin area of Yogyakarta. This place has been a continuous place of trade since the middle of the 18th century. The main pull of this market is the price. You can get clothes and batik for a very low price here. Beringharjo is the main destination for people who want to shop for clothing in Yogyakarta.

Kotagede Silver

Silver jewelry from Kotagede. via Instagram/kalungbrosyifa.etnik

Lebaran unfortunately also brings some bad habit among people. Everyone wants to impress everyone, that’s why many people buy above their means. One of the most bought items prior to Lebaran is jewelry. Kotagede in Yogyakarta is a great place to buy silver jewelry. Since there are many jewelers in Kotagede, your option for bling silver jewelry is relatively unlimited here.

Manding Leatherworks

Leather bag from Manding. via Instagram/jastip.etnik.jogja

At the southern part of Yogyakarta, you can find Manding. This place is the center of leatherworks in Yogyakarta. For this reason, you can enjoy shopping for leather products in Manding area. Furthermore, the quality is wonderful as some producers exports their products to Europe. As you buy right at the heart of the production area, you can have pretty much low prices here.

Pasar Legi Kotagede

Inside Pasar Legi Kotagede. via Instagram/101monkeymagic

Unlike any other markets, Pasar Legi in Kotagede is the place for you to buy everyday grocery needs. However, the most striking part of Pasar Legi is the bird and poultry market. You can buy a live chicken, ducks, swan, and birds. If you go deeper into the market, you will find butchers, vegetable dealers, and basically the everyday needs. This is important because people in Yogyakarta usually celebrate Lebaran with many special rituals that involve foods.

Various activities of Beringharjo market visitors include bargaining activities with buyers and other activities. via Shutterstock/Multi Ilham Anugriya

Yogyakarta is a low key a great place to shop. This city has everything you need to fully celebrate the festive period. Lebaran shopping in Yogyakarta is interesting as well as comprehensive, giving you probably everything you want.

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