Great Lebaran Shopping Centers in Jakarta


In Indonesia, Lebaran is a huge source of celebration. This festivity lasts for about a week at least, with a lot of preparations and feasts. One of the must-do before Lebaran is buying new stuff like clothes, gadget, gold jewelry, and even cars. Jakarta has several great Lebaran shopping centers that you can visit to do so.

View of Mayestik Market. Contains a wide variety of traditional stores where you can find many options for fabrics of all kinds. via Shutterstock/Harismoyo

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, has a lot of shopping centers, including several central markets. Many big traders get their supply from such central markets in Jakarta. However, end-user customers can also enjoy low price in such markets. Here are some best Lebaran shopping centers in Jakarta.

Tanah Abang

A man rolls up fabric at a textile shop in Pasar Tanah Abang. via Shutterstock/Georgina Captures

Tanah Abang Market is the biggest textile market in Southeast Asia. This market has been in operation since 1735, becoming one of the most important ones in the region. This market is even very popular in Africa and the Middle East. The total transaction here can reach about 45 million US dollars per day. So, whatever clothes you are trying to buy here, you will get it. You just have to find the right place.

Pasar Senen

Pasar Senen. via Instagram/mobiltoyota123

This market is known not only for its clothes business, but also other stuff like clock, watch, bag, and wallets. Interestingly, Pasar Senen is also popular as the center of the secondhand clothing market. If you are lucky, you might find good clothes at extremely low prices here. Nevertheless, you can still get new ones at low prices too.

Thamrin City

The exterior of Thamrin City which is known as Batik center marketplace in Tanah Abang district. Via Shutterstock/Georginapictures

This market is relatively close to Tanah Abang, but it targets end users instead of smaller sellers. You can buy many clothes per piece, without any minimum buy. The place is relatively more comfortable to explore because the size is not too big. You can still get probably any clothes you desire in this marketplace.

Pasar Mayestik

Pasar mayestik. via Instagram/gedebesar

This market is a bit unique. So you come here not to buy clothes but to make one. You buy the fabric and then go to one of the tailors there. They will make the clothes as per your wish. If you have no idea what kind of clothes you should make, they will help you. However, it is still best to come to this market prepared with the type of fabric you want to buy and the model of clothes you want to create.

ITC Mangga Dua

Crowd of people at Mangga Dua, big clothing wholesaler in the city. via Shutterstock/Space_cat

At this market, you can find not only local garments products but also the imported ones. Usually, imported clothes are more expensive, especially those with a huge brand name. However, the choice is there and you get to decide. Generally, the clothes here are of higher quality compared to other markets.

Pasar Baru

Pasar Baru. via Instagram/suhamiahmad

The interesting fact about Pasar Baru (literally means the new market) is that it is one of the oldest markets in Jakarta. It’s been around since 1820. You can find almost all types of clothing in this market. You can buy shirts, accessories, shoes, bags and many more. This market is located in Central Jakarta.

Crowd of people at Pasar Tanah Abang, the biggest clothing wholesaler in South East Asia. Via Shutterstock/Georginapictures.

There are many markets to go if you want to buy clothes in Jakarta. This city, in fact, hosts the biggest textile market in Southeast Asia. There are simply lots of choices when it comes to finding Lebaran shopping centers in Jakarta.

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