Lampung Unique Dishes that You Must Try


Lampung, the southernmost province on Sumatra Island, has many wonderful spots to visit. Unbeknownst to many, Lampung is also rich in culinary delights. There are several dishes and snacks that you can try from this province. Lampung unique dishes are interesting enough to try.

Pindang baung. via Instagram/devizenovia_

Most of Lampung’s dishes are fish-based, mostly because this province naturally produce a lot of delicious fishes; from sea or freshwater. Here are some of the most delicious dishes you can find in Lampung.


The delicious Pisro. via Instagram/xandriani.pascucci

It can be said that pisro is the staple dish in Pepaduan. Equally, Pisro is a technique to cook fishes, usually snapper and tembakang. In short, the main ingredients in pisro is palm sugar and many spices. The end result would be very delicious, savory and sweet fish. Pisro is usually served with rice because this dish doesn’t provide enough carbohydrate for a day.


Spicy Gabing. via Instagram/masakanindonesia1

The main ingredient of this dish is umbut (the inner part of coconut trunk shoot). To summarize, umbut is soft, savory, and a bit sweet. Thin slices of umbut are cooked into a spice-rich soup. Additionally, Gabing is often spicy with extensive use of chili pepper, turmeric, galangal, shallots, garlic, and many more.

Pindang Baung

Savory pindang baung. via Instagram/lisa_cha2

The word ‘pindang’ has many meanings, mostly different in each part of Indonesia. However, in Lampung, pindang means some sort of fish soup. They often use catfish, snakehead, and snapper for pindang. The fish is furthermore cooked with soup. The soup contains spices like chili, lemongrass, galangal, garlic, turmeric, bay leaves, and lemon leaves.

Gulai Taboh

Lovely Gulai Taboh. via Instagram/duniaindra

This one comes from West Lampung. In the local language, gulai taboh means ‘savory vegetable dish’. It is indeed savory. Local vegetables including melinjo, beans, chayote, sweet potato are important for this dish. They are cooked into a solution made from coconut milk and lots of spices. They often put fish and prawn to make it even more savory.


Spicy Seri=uit. via Instagram/encim.gendut

This one is actually a traditional dish from Pepaduan. Initially only served during ceremonies, now you can enjoy seruit in most restaurants in Lampung. It is basically fish with sambal tempoyak as the side dish. Of course, as in many places in Indonesia, seruit is a side dish, a complimentary for rice.


Durian Tempoyang. via Instagram/gynaelenna

In some other places in Sumatra, people call it tempoyak. It is fermented durian, it tastes very sour. It is highly versatile, though. Moreover, tempoyang is an ingredient for sambal, complementary seasoning. Some people consume tempoyang as is. In short, tempoyang is mostly a complimentary side dish for fish.

The delicious Pisro. via Instagram/xandriani.pascucci

Lampung is rather rich in culinary delights, especially the fish-based foods. There are many unique Lampung dishes that you must try, especially when you visit this province.

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