Refreshing Lakes in Cirebon, the City of Saints


Located on the border of Central and West Java Provinces, Cirebon is known with many names. This old and historic city is also known as the city of shrimp, shrimp paste, and the saints. In tourism, Cirebon is more popular as a religious tourism destination as there are many Muslim pilgrims that visit this city.

Swimming in Telaga Nilam. via Instagram/mhilk235

There are many interesting spots you can find in this city, from beaches to palaces. However, Cirebon also has several interesting lakes and dams. If you love playing in lakes, these are the lovely lakes you can enjoy in Cirebon.

Situ Patok

Situ Patok in the morning. via Instagram/pojokrebon_bfest

This is a panoramic lake with Mount Ciremai as the background. This lake is the most popular one in Cirebon, mainly because it is rather large. Situ Patok has an area of 30 hectares, and you can find improvements like camping area, outbound area, golf course, swimming pool, waterboom, villas and other accommodation, and many more. Situ Patok is located at Setupatok, Mundu, Cirebon.

Telaga Remis

Telaga Remis. via Instagram/angelanugraheni

This lake is not too big, but this is definitely a very instagramable one. The name of the lake is taken from the freshwater clams that live in this waters. The climate on the area is relatively cool because the lake is located on the slope of Mount Ciremai. The entrance fee to this lovely lake is only IDR10000 per person. Telaga Remis is in Kaduela Village, Kuningan District, Cirebon.

Telaga Nilam

Telaga Nilam. via Instagram/cirebonbribin

Not too far from Telaga Remis, you can find a similarly charming pond called Telaga Nilam. This pond is fully developed into a relaxing destination. You can spend your time relaxing in its gazebos and playing with the water. This place is a natural swimming pool, so you can have a refreshing vacation in this spot. Telaga Nilam is situated in Kaduela Village, Cirebon.

Situ Sedong

Situ Sedong. via Instagram/rahardi_b

This one is actually a reservoir built by the Dutch colonial government in the early 20th century. Its main function is for irrigation but the scenery here is spectacular. Against the backdrop of Mount Ciremai, this relatively large dam is a great place to visit.

Not only to enjoy the panorama, but you can also explore the waters using a water bicycle. This dam is located at Sedong Village, Sedong District, Cirebon Regency.

Telaga Nilam. via Instagram/cireboninfo_cireboninfo

Cirebon is a culturally unique as this area has a great mix of Sunda and Javanese culture. Cirebon is also a popular destination for religious tourism, especially to the resting place of Sunan Gunung Jati. And if you want to enjoy a refreshing lake, this regency has several of them too.

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