The Most Magnificent Spots on Labengki and Sombori Islands


Labengki and Sombori are unusual tourist destinations. They are roughly 10 kilometers away from each other, and administratively not even in the same province. Labengki Island is a part of Southeast Sulawesi while Sombori Island is within Central Sulawesi.

Rumah Nenek. via Instagram/medinasari

Despite all that, Labengki and Sombori are often included in the same tour package. Both Islands have splendid natural attractions, from beaches, lagoons, rock formations, and magnificent cliffs. Here are some of the best spot you don’t want to miss in Labengki and Sombori Island.

Allo Cave

At the entrance of the cave. via Instagram/kakabantrip

Sombori actually has two popular caves; Allo and Berlian. Nearly all tourists are wowed by the sheer splendor of these caves. Allo offers a unique experience with a pool on the cave floor. You can even explore the cave with an inflatable small boat. This cave is wonderful in nature but taking a picture here can be a bit tricky due to the minimal lighting. However, once you tackle that issue, you will have an extremely photogenic cave.

Blue Lagoon Labengki

The lagoon. via Instagram/charlinadeasy

Also known as the Mahumalalang Lagoon is an unreal place that you usually only find in myths and legends. The turquoise water is shallow at the shore with soft sands. This lagoon is also surrounded by spiky karst rocks, making it even more otherworldly. Many people try to have the best picture by climbing the rock with the lagoon as a background. However, it’s hard to take a bad photo here since everywhere you cast your sight, you’ll only see beauty.

Pasir Panjang Beach

Pasir Panjang Beach. via Instagram/heiholiday

The name literally means long (stretch of) sand. This beach is just as the name describe, with coconut trees at one side and lovely sea at the other. Relaxing on the beach is definitely a safe choice but if you want a little bit of adventure, you can swim and snorkel in the waters of this beach. The visibility is great, the current and wave are calm, but there are not many fish around. Some parts of the reef are also damaged.

Air Kiri

Air Kiri. via Instagram/rinahgo

This is a lagoon with a vast shallow area. You can literally walk into the middle of the lagoon during low tide. Air Kiri means left water. Legend says that there is a freshwater spring in a hole on the karst rocks here. However, you can only take the water using your left hand, thus the name. You don’t have to try to find the spring, just enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this water.

Rumah Nenek

Rumah Nenek. via Instagram/akbar_bebeto

Literally means Grandma’s House, it is every bit as accurate as its name. There is an old lady living on a house that protrude in the bay of Sombori. This is the only house here, surrounded by magnificent cliffs and beautiful waters. You simply can’t find a better location for a house. The old lady is very friendly, usually offers coffee to her guests.

The Blue Lagoon. via Instagram/duwi_purwa

Labengki and Sombori, despite their administrative differences, have become a wonderful destination is southeastern part of Sulawesi. These two islands, in a way, are inseparable in the context of tourism.

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