Keramas Beach, Night Surfing and the Golden Turtle Legend


Whatever kind of beach you are looking for, you will probably find it in Bali. It is true that the most popular ones are the white sandy type on the southern part of the island. However, Bali was actually rose to prominence for its surfing beaches. Today, one of the most popular surfing beaches in Bali is Keramas Beach.

The surf break at Keramas. via Instagram/in_da_surfbali

Keramas getting more and more popular due to its proximity to Denpasar but still offer a relative serenity. It is indeed not overly crowded like Kuta or Sanur. It also has interesting features that cannot be found in other places. Here is all you need to know about Keramas Beach.

The Legend of the Golden Turtle

Playing with the waves. via Instagram/moshsurf

There is a legend about the naming of this beach. Apparently, there was a golden turtle (kura emas in the local language) on this beach. The pronunciation of Kura Emas slowly evolve into ‘kuramas’ and finally keramas, the current name of the beach. Some say that the name changed because the golden turtle was replaced by a golden monkey (kera emas).

Location and Characteristics

Black sand and beautiful. via Instagram/theglowingedge

Administratively, Keramas beach is located on Blahbatuh District, Gianyar. It is roughly one hour drive away from downtown Denpasar. The access is extremely easy as the road is well maintained. You just need to ride along the beachfront roads of the eastern Bali. The beach has a long black sandy stretch. The water is not calm, as you can expect from a surfing beach.

Night surfing beach

You can surf at night. via Instagram/valloon

Keramas is one of the very few beaches where you can surf at night. The activity is usually organized by Komune Resort. If you are not into surfing at night, you can just enjoy the beach and witness the surfer playing with the night sea. People usually enjoy the beach by having a bonfire with a bottle of beer or so.

Nearby attractions

The beach from Komune Resort. via Instagram/spirituallyfityoga

Keramas Beach can be your ideal base camp when visiting Bali. Sure it’s rather far from Bali’s most famous beaches, but it is calm and close to other popular destinations.  Sukawati Art Market, Bali Safari and Marine Park, and Ubud are very close. Not to mention, getting to the eastern part of Bali like in Karangasem is closer. The best thing is that it is still relatively calm.

The beach at dusk. via Instagram/bestcapturesaroundtheworld

Visiting Bali doesn’t mean you have to stay at the most popular area in the southern part of the island. Keramas Beach, apart from a great destination in itself, is also a great place to stay.

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