Soak in the Hot Springs and Mud Bath at Kawah Rengganis Ciwidey


Bandung Area is synonymous with cold fresh air with gorgeous mountainous view that enchants visitors since the colonial era. Bandung was built by the colonial government for this very reason; the cool air and the beauty of its surroundings.

Hot shower. via Instagram/jarek.matwiejczuk

Now imagine exploring the cold mountains of Bandung and you stumble upon a natural hot spring. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could just soak yourself in those heavenly warm water full with good minerals? That is what you get when you visit Kawah Rengganis Ciwidey.

It’s a crater!

The whole area is a crater of an ancient volcano. via Instagram/jarek.matwiejczuk

Kawah in local language means crater, and Rengganis is actually one. In fact, many people believes that Rengganis is the twin sister of the other crater in Ciwidey; the mysterious White Crater. However, Rengganis is a more welcoming crater as it produces not only hot water, but also a stream that you can actually use for a warm bath.

The hot springs are created by volcanic activity. via Instagram/anotheraaf

As with almost all volcanic springs in the world, it was created naturally by the volcanic activity in the area. In Kawah Rengganis’s case, it was created by the ancient Sunda volcano that already extinct. You can see steam comes out of the springs, indicating that this place is indeed a heaven for those who seeks to soak a la Japanese onsens.

Healing properties

People believe that the springs have healing properties. via Instagram/rbihsan

Most volcanic springs, hot or cold, usually provide water with good mineral contents, mostly sulfur. In White Crater Ciwidey, the sulfuric content is so high it makes the water unsafe for a bath. It’s also cold. In Kawah Rengganis, though, you can barely notice the sulfuric smell and the warm water will make you relax instantly.

There are many tiers with different temperature. via Instagram/imanfsyah

People also believe that the water in Kawah Rengganis has some sort of spiritual healing power. That is why you can see many people come here to take a bath in the hope of finding a cure to their ailments. Whether that is true or not, it cannot be confirmed yet. However, the sulfuric content in the waters here is indeed good for your skin.

It’s not fully developed yet

Kawah rengganis has huge potentials. via Instagram/

It is safe to say that Kawah Rengganis is still in a development state. The facilities in the area have not yet been fully maximized to cater to all tourists’ needs. There are small dams to contain the hot water, some are equipped with simple showers. This area has a serious potential to be a natural spa or onsen with a small stream that is also beautiful.

How to get there

Road in Cibuni. via Instagram/indoflashlight

The other name of this crater is Kawah Cibuni because it is located at Cibuni Hamlet, Patengan Village, Rancabali, Bandung. It is approximately two kilometers away from Situ Patenggang, but the road is rather challenging. You have to walk for about a kilometer to reach the crater if you come here with a car.

The stream at Kawah Rengganis. via instagram/dhannikonart

As with other part of Bandung, Kawah Rengganis is also surrounded by lush green vegetation. If you manage to come here during its slow days and there are not many tourist around, you can enjoy the serene and relaxing scenery here.

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