A Brief Look at Kampung Ramadhan Jogokaryan


Jogokaryan (sometimes also spelled Jogokariyan) is an area in the city of Yogyakarta. Located some two or three kilometers to the south of the famed Malioboro Street, this kampong usually grabbing headlines during Ramadan. Kampung Ramadhan Jogokaryan is a highly awaited event.

Kampung Ramadan Jogokaryan. via Instagram/jogjaimages

Jogokaryan comes alive during the holy month. This place is neither a sacred place nor a traditional pilgrim site, and yet it attracts a lot of religious tourists. Here is what you need to know about Kampung Ramadhan Jogokaryan.

Started with the mosque

Masjid Jogokaryan. via Instagram/rirismeinarr

The first thing that is ever truly popular in Jogokaryan is its mosque. This mosque is so well managed that it becomes the pride of the locals. The mosque raises so much donation and spends all of them wisely and swiftly. The management here has become the pilot to many other mosques in Indonesia. Consequently, as of now, Jogokaryan Mosque has evolved from a common local mosque into a hugely popular one.

Many food stalls

Food stall near Jogokaryan. via Instagram/mahasiswakulineran

The popularity of the mosque is felt by the surrounding community. You can see that during the afternoon, where many locals selling food, mainly snacks before iftar (breakfasting). This bazaar attracts thousands of people who want to enjoy ngabuburit in this kampong. In fact, this bazaar has become one of the attractions of Kampung Ramadhan Jogokaryan.

2500 free iftar in Kampung Ramadhan Jogokaryan

Free Iftar. via Instagram/eatventure.inc

As said previously, the Jogokaryan Mosque received a lot of donation. During Ramadan, one of the ways to wisely spend them is by feeding thousands of people. Generally, this mosque provides 2500 portion of iftar, free of charge. Anyone can eat here. The feast is usually held all the way on the street.

Islamic studies

Jogokaryan Mosque. via Instagram/masjidjogokariyan

Kampung Ramadhan Jogokaryan Mosque turns into some sort of a small pesantren (Islamic boarding school). They organize Islamic studies for students during Ramadan. There are also open Islamic studies where everyone can join. For this purpose, they invite many clerics and imams to teach during Ramadan. This place is simply a haven for those who want to learn about Islam.

No lost items

Kampung Ramadhan Jogokaryan. via Instagram/masjidjogokariyan

One running joke for people who go to mosque is that they often lose their footwear. However, in Jogokaryan, there is a guarantee that you will not lose your shoes or sandals. If somehow you lose them while you are praying in this mosque, you will get the replacement. It’s not only footwear, but they will also even replace your motorcycle if you lose it here.

Preparing for free iftar. via Instagram/dlestari_dhila

Physically, Jogokaryan becomes alive with colors during Ramadan. Moreover, this kampong looks beautiful with many ornaments, making it an even lovelier place to visit.

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