Joyo Resort, Javanese Palaces on a Private Island near Singapore


Living in a crowded island city like Singapore has its ups and downs. On the good side, you can live in a big modern city with all its amenities. However, after a certain time in a concrete jungle, you’d want to unwind and reconnect with nature. For Singaporean, there are lots of places like that, one of them is Pulau Joyo Resort.

The tip of Joyo Resort. via Instagram/wwellend

The Riau Islands Province which shares its border with Singapore, has lots of wonderful small islands. Many of them have been converted into a small private island resort. Joyo Resort is one such wonderful resort, a perfect getaway for anyone who wishes for a wonderful holiday.

Location and how to get there

The Island of Joyo. via

Joyo is located on Suka Island, which nestles at the southeast of Bintan. This tiny heaven is roughly 60 miles away from Singapore and usually, you will need three and a half hours from Singapore to get to this island. There are several routes you can take, but in the end, you will still need to go to Bintan Island and then hop on a boat from Sungai Enam Jetty in South Bintan to Suka Island.

Palaces of Joyo Resort

One of the palaces. via Instagram/wisephotographygc

In Joyo, they call their villas as palaces. There are seven palaces you can choose in this resort. Each of the four Beach Palaces has a king-sized bed, an ensuite bathroom with a shower and a Balinese day-bed (double), which can be used for children or additional guests. Java Juwana and Java Rembang are two huge villas in the shape of Javanese traditional house (Joglo). The other and most affordable choice is Driftwood Palace.

Activities and Amenities

Kayaking at Joyo. via Instagram/sassymamasg

There are so many activities you can do on this island, on land or on the sea. There are several sports facilities such as billiards, badminton, table tennis, beach volley or soccer. Kayaking, snorkeling, or enjoying sunsets are other options. You can also enjoy massages, movie projectors, and kid’s club daycare. You will never run out of exciting activities on this resort.


The relaxing villa. via

The most interesting part of this resort is that you can book the whole island which accommodates up to 45 people. The cheapest individual rate is at Driftwood Palace with SGD322 per person per night. An additional person in the same palace will cost SGD230 per person. Whole island booking starts from SGD4600 per night for 12 people.

The island from above. via

Joyo Resort is one of the many wonderful private island resort you can find near Singapore. It has all the amenities and facilities you’ll ever need to have a wonderful holiday. This resort, in particular, has a Javanese flair to it.

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