Cempedak, a Paradise on a Private Island near Bintan


Indonesia as an archipelagic nation, finding an exotic island can be easy enough. There are lots of exotic islands you can choose from the western to the eastern part of the country. Furthermore, there is a trend of building a luxurious resort on a private island. One such resort is Cempedak, a private island resort in the shore of Bintan.

The villa from above. via Instagram/wwellend

As with many luxurious resorts in Riau Islands Province, this resort is marketed toward foreigners, especially Singaporean. It has all the luxury amenities needed to make your stay unforgettable. Here is all you need to know about Cempedak.


The villas nestled nicely on the island. via Instagram/cempedakisland

Geographically, Cempedak Island is located nine kilometers to the southeast of Bintan Island. It is 91 kilometers away from Singapore. From Singapore, you will need an hour ferry to Bintan, an hour of car journey across Bintan, and then half an hour speed boat to the island. The key is getting to Bintan (whether airport or seaport) and then go south to the island. The resort has a special boat designed to pick up tourist from Bintan to the island.

The Villas

Each villa has private pool. via Instagram/cempedakisland

The villa buildings in this resort are all special. It has a dramatic and unique architecture. This resort uses a lot of bamboo for its villas. All villas are equipped with wonderful amenities, including a private swimming pool. Basically, there are two types of villas, namely Beach Villas and Seaview Villas. You might have guessed, the Beach Villas are located just a few meters away from the beach. The Seaview Villas is a bit deeper inland, with a wonderful view of the sea.


Wonderful private island. via Instagram/cempedakisland

There are lots of activities you can do on this island. Firstly, most tourists come here for its wonderful waters. Swimming, snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding, sailing, kayaking, or diving is possible. You can even meet a pod of Irrawaddy dolphins if you are lucky. On land, there are lots of sports activities, adventuring into the rainforest, or generally explore the island.


Wonderful beach. via Instagram/cempedakisland

Cempedak only accepts adult guests. No children under 16 years old are legally allowed here. The rates for the villas are the same, the lowest being SGD475. But that’s only for the lodging. Daily board will cost SGD95 per person per day. This will cover three meals a day and almost all activities. Round trip pickup service will cost SGD95 per person. This will cover VIP lounge at the ferry terminal, car journey across Bintan and boat trip out to Cempedak).

Wonderful island. via Instagram/blind_experiences

Cempedak is a truly a luxurious getaway. While it is really isolated on a small private island, it has everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable holiday. This is the ultimate tropical getaway, especially if you want to escape from busy Singapore.

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