Jiwa Jawa Ijen, a Luxury Resort near the Blue Flame


Banyuwangi, the easternmost tip of Java, is undergoing a massive development in term of tourism. In the last decade or so, Banyuwangi accelerates its effort in developing their tourism industry. Many great resorts popping up in this regency, one of them is Jiwa Jawa Ijen.

The entrance of the resort. via jiwajawa.com

Jiwa Jawa is a brand of a luxury resort in exotic locations in Indonesia. Apart from Banyuwangi, they also operate a resort in Bromo and Semarang. Jiwa Jawa Ijen provides unique accommodation near the legendary volcano. Here is all you need to know about the resort.


Wonderful view. via jiwajawa.com

The resort is standing on the foothills of Ijen plateau. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and refreshing plantations. Moreover, wherever you look from this resort, you will only see pretty panorama. Administratively, the resort is located at Dusun Blimbingsari, Tamansari, Licin, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. It is roughly 15 kilometers away from the city of Banyuwangi.

Accommodation and rates

Great accommodation. via jiwajawa.com

Basically, there are two types of accommodation in this resort. You can also choose the room option, the cheapest one with one king-size bed will cost you 2.17 million rupiahs per night. You can also choose to stay in one of the villas there. The cheapest one is Villa Cengkih, with a rate of 2.87 million rupiahs per night. Suites and larger villas will obviously cost more.

Amenities and facilities

The resort can set up a trip to Ijen for you. via Instagram/ant_ius_prast

All guestrooms in this resort feature an air conditioner, private bathroom, and television. In addition, you can choose lots of exploration activity options. The resort will help you set your Banyuwangi exploration. The most obvious choice is hiking Mount Ijen to see its crater, the blue flame, and the legendary sulfur mines. You can also go to other popular destinations like Baluran, Alas Purwo, and Meru Betiri National parks.

Jazz Gunung

The amphitheater in Jiwa Jawa Ijen. via Instagram/jazzgunung

Jazz Gunung is an annual two-day festival in Jiwa Jawa Resorts in Bromo and Ijen. They are held at the open-air amphitheaters. Additionally, they often feature a host of local and international jazz musicians. The iconic festival gives music lovers a chance to enjoy the soothing and stimulating tunes of jazz. Moreover, it all happens in the cool mountain air amidst the stunning backdrop of hills and forests.

Nice mountainous view from the resort. via Instagram/belanga.restaurant

Jiwa Jawa Ijen is the place to choose if you yearn for luxurious accommodation near the cool Mount Ijen. This can indeed be your base if you want to enjoy the mysterious blue flame and sulfur mine in Ijen Crater.

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