Blue Flame and Endless Supply of Sulfur at the Magnificent Ijen Crater


Banyuwangi is becoming more and more important in Indonesia’s tourism. There are many factors that support the accelerated growth of tourism here. Some say that it’s because of its proximity to Bali. Others argue that Banyuwangi is unique and beautiful on its own right.

The otherworldly scenery at Ijen Crater. via Instagram/ibizadvisor_amazing_places

Naturally, Banyuwangi has lots of beautiful spots, but none is as mystifying as the Ijen Crater. This place is simply exotic, unusual, and mesmerizing. There are many reasons why you should climb Mount Ijen just to enjoy its crater. Here are some of them.

How to get to Ijen Crater

You have to hike the volcano. via Instagram/raskalov

Getting to Banyuwangi is really easy. This city has an international airport and can be reached from several cities. You can also come from Bali or Surabaya. Getting to the crater is another matter altogether. You need to get to the base camp where you will start your hike to the crater.

Walking on the rim. via Instagram/jackson.groves

The trek to the top usually takes four hours with a relatively tame hike. There are no extreme difficulties you will face in the route. Walk with your own pace, rest if necessary because the crater is not going anywhere.

The Blue Flame

The Blue Flame. via Instagram/kartu_halo

Ijen Crater is popular for its blue flame… that is actually not a flame at all. This phenomenon occurs because a certain gas that is released from the deep react spectacularly with the air. It creates a blue flame-like light without actually having the heat. These flames are only visible during the night as they turn invisible when the sun shines.

Sulfur Mine

A sulfur miner. via Instagram/asia.lover

Another expected view of the crater is the sulfur miners. The crater produces sulfur endlessly, you can even see it with your own eyes. The miners take the yellow sulfur as it forms openly among the sulfur steams. They commonly bring chunks of sulfur to the collectors down the base. Some miners also crafting figures made of sulfur and sell it to the tourists.

The Acidic Lake

The lake is highly acidic. via Instagram/skylum_global

There is a rather huge lake in the Ijen Crater. You cannot swim let alone dring from this lake because the water contains a high level or Hydrochloric acid. That acid also makes the water green. The scenery is simply amazing, though. If you see it from the rim of the crater than Ijen Crater is truly a wonderful place.


The sulfur mine. via Instagram/allesnik1

You can visit Ijen Crater anytime, but it is best to visit this place during the truly dry season from July to September. You can also hike any time of the day, depending on your preference. Some people opt to climb this mountain at night to see the blue flame. They then set up a tent and wait for the sunrise. In the morning, they explore the crater. This place is not suitable for people with asthma or breathing problems.

The rim of the crater. via Instagram/jackson.groves

Ijen Crater is a magnificent place to visit. Even though the hike can be a bit perilous for some, the prize you get at the top is more than enough to make your visit worthwhile.

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