Jendela Alam, a Wonderful Educational Tourism in Bandung


Bandung is an area with many choices of tourist attractions. You can come to natural destinations such as waterfalls and hot springs, or you can come to artificial destinations such as theme parks or selfie resorts. Bandung also has many educational tourist attractions, one of which is Jendela Alam (literally Nature’s Window).

An actual window. via Instagram/tilalalala

This educational resort targets children with their many great games, but they are also quite open to adults. There are many interesting activities that can be done here, all of which have high educational values. Here are some facts about Jendela Alam Lembang.

Education Window

Learning to farm. via Instagram/denisa_jasmine_fatihah

There are many activities that can be done in this education zone. Here, children learn about conventional gardening methods. All participants will get complete farming tools such as shovels and flushes, as well as various plant seeds. This activity will be guided by a patient and professional facilitator so that children enjoy this activity to the fullest.

harvesting cherry tomato. via Instagram/jendelaalambandung

Another exciting activity is Treasure Hunting. In this activity, children times with a map and they must find their way to the treasure by following the various instructions. Children can learn and practice harvesting eggs, harvest cherry tomatoes, taking care of plants in terrariums, learn hydroponic farming, make yogurt, make salted eggs, make grass jelly, and feed animals.

Playing window

Catching fish. via Instagram/yunitayhe

The game zone in Jendela Alam is used in various categories. For children, they can play catch the fish, water wars, herding ducks, and riding. The children can have a sense of accomplishment because they can bring home the fish they catch in this resort. All activities here are overseen by experienced facilitators/instructors.

Riding a hoprse. via Instagram/yunitayhe

For adults, the game area can be a fun day out destination. Most games for adults are so they can cooperate with other participants. You can do many activities like floating water stick where everyone moves a bowl of water with sticks, Fun Hula, Magic Ball, Balloon Race, and Four Stroke Race.

Workshop Window

Hydroponic plants. via Instagram/

This area is where the children can learn and directly practice their newly learned knowledge. There are several spots where they can learn about the anatomy of animals. They will also learn about the function of each organ. They can also learn about the phase of an egg, where they can understand how the egg develops until it hatches.

Some cows. via Instagram/aguskurniawan6644

They can also learn and practice how to process plants. They can learn how to prepare hydroponic plants, from the theory and the practice.  The also learn how plants are composting and how biogas is produced.

Art Window

decorating kites. via Instagram/santa_sakramenta

This is where the children learn about the artistic aspect. The most fun part is that they can practice directly on the spot. They can have fun decorating kites. They will be given a kite and coloring equipment. They can decorate the kite however they want and then try to fly it.

coloring clays. via Instagram/andriani8778

They can also learn to be creative with clay where they will color the clay and bring it home afterward. Children can also learn about organic craft in which they will learn how to make an artwork using common natural items like dried leaves, wood, and natural rope.

Planting rice. via Instagram/mirna_ufa_afa

Jendela Alam can be a perfect destination for a group of children to play together. Even though their main target is children, adults can also have fun here.

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