Exploring Jembrana, the Less-known Part of Bali


Despite having a large area on the western part of Bali, Jembrana is far behind other areas in term of tourism. Bali is known to be the island of tourism, but Jembrana seems to be not part of it. Unlike the eastern part of the island, this regency doesn’t have lots to offer in term of tourism.

The twin waterfall of Juwuk Manis. via Instagram/heylilahey

However, if you are a tourist and you want a calm and laidback atmosphere in Bali, you can get it here. Even without the charming white sandy beaches, Jembrana still has lots of interesting destinations. Here are some of them.

Karang Sewu Beach

The deck at karang Sewu. via Instagram/bandores11

This is not your typical Bali beach. Instead of a white sand stretch, it has a vast grassy area. There are few trees on this beach. Also, this beach is located on a cove overlooking the West Bali National Park. There is also a deck that will get you onto the sea. You will have a better view here.

Bunut Bolong

The massive tree and its massive hole. via instagram/michael_philip

There is an old and mysterious bunut tree. There is a huge hole at the base of the tree, big enough for a car to pass. This hole has indeed become a mini gate or tunnel because there is an actual road there. Locals believe that this tree is sacred so you must behave well there. They even build a small shrine next to this massive tree.

Puncak Mawar Dewasana

The rose at the top of a hill. via Instagram/dwi_hgp

Literally means the ‘Rose Peak’, Puncak Mawar is a vantage point overlooking a vast lush green landscape. Since there is literally no mountain, you can see all the way to the far horizon. There are several platforms for you to take pictures with that grand background. One of the platforms is in the shape of a rose, thus the name.

Medewi Beach

Surfing at Medewi. via Instagram/ashams__

If you want to go surfing in Bali but couldn’t bear the crowded beaches in the south or east Bali, you need to go to Medewi Beach. Indeed, this beach doesn’t have the shiny white sand but you can find nice rolls and break instead. Despite the fiery waves, this black sandy beach has a calm and serene atmosphere.

Juwuk Manis Waterfall

The twin waterfall. via Instagram/bgs.prk

A twin waterfall, Juwuk Manis is a lovely little place to retreat. Two stream drops into a small pond, inviting you to swim. As with many other waterfalls, the place is protected from one side. The best feature of Juwuk Manis is its serenity. Because it’s not too popular, there is a big chance you can enjoy this waterfall in peace.

The Bunut Bolong. via Instagram/pariwisata.kebudayaanjembrana

All in all, Jembrana might not be the best place in term of tourism in Bali. However, this westernmost regency in Bali might pack a nice surprise if you are willing to explore there.

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