Recreate the Scenes from Lord of the Rings in Jawatan Benculuk


Banyuwangi quickly becomes an important place in the tourism sector in East Java. Having so many beautiful places in all parts of its place, Banyuwangi today has many wonderful spots that you can visit. One of them is Jawatan Benculuk.

The big trees. via Instagram/ronaldo_dwi

It is actually an office and base for Perhutani (The National Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery). It has a long history but the main attraction is the picturesque trees in the property. They create a wonderful view, with many big trees. Here is what you need to know about the Jawatan Benculuk.

Big Rain Trees

Walking under the mossy branches. via Instagram/yourtravelvoice

The big trees in this place are of the species of Trembesi (Rain Tree or Samanea Saman). The branches and twigs are covered in moss, giving it a mystic aspect. The whole place is covered under the shade of the trees there. Exploring Benculuk is a relaxing activity because the air is cool and refreshing. You will feel like you are exploring Fangorn Forest, like in Lord of the Rings movie.

The history

Under the shade. via Instagram/sabana_palala

This area was originally built by the Dutch colonial government as a place to store teak trees form the surrounding area. In the ’70s, there were massive looting and illegal logging in this area, making this place abandoned for years.

Now, the place is already functioning well, as you can see many logs there. The place becomes even more popular after people start posting their pictures there.

Wonderful sunset

It’s a great place to take pictures. via Instagram/gustindra

Jawatan Benculuk is also an ideal place to enjoy sunsets. Unlike in the beaches or hills where you can see the sun freely, the sunset at Benculuk is a little bit different. Here, the sunlight breaches through the crowns of the trees.

The lights come down like pillars from heaven, making it even more magical. Here, the stark contrast between the light and the background makes the view even more remarkable.

Instagenic spots

Pick your own spot. via Instagram/dwiriyantoo

Jawatan Benculuk is generally a very instagenic place. Wherever you go, you can take wonderful pictures. You can pick many angles to get the best pictures. If you want a somewhat magical picture, you have to come when the place is shrouded in haze. Many people come here specifically to take pictures, either professionally done or just for fun.

The place is easily accessible. via instagram/skinnymonkey

Jawatan Benculuk is located at Benculuk village, Cluring District, Banyuwangi Regency. The place is about 12 kilometers away from Downtown Banyuwangi, only less than half an hour to get there. That means that this place is somewhat accessible from Bali.

Banyuwangi jawatan benculuk