Island Hopping in Southeast Sulawesi


Southeast Sulawesi is a great place to explore is you love underwater life. Wakatobi is definitely one of the most popular diving sites in the world. Its underwater is almost unrivaled by any area in the world. It is dubbed as the world’s capital of diving due to its popularity and beauty.

The Bokori Island. via Instagram/robertscipio

One thing for sure, there are lots and lots of islands in this province, most of them are ridiculously beautiful. Thus, island hopping at Southeast Sulawesi is possible if you have the time and resources to do so. Here are some of the islands that you can hop on.

Labengki Island

A beach at labengki. via Instagram/canro.simarmata

Curiously enough, Labengki is somewhat paired with Sombori Island even though both are located in a different province. Labengki is in Southeast Sulawesi while Sombori is in Central Sulawesi. The must-visit spot on Labengki is its Mahumalalang Lagoon. This lagoon has wonderful turquoise water with sharp karst stones being their fences. Many people even climb these rocks to get the best picture.

Senja Island

Splashing at Senja Island. via Instagram/ririn93

Located some 50 kilometers from Kendari, Senja Island is a small island with a wonderful view. There is one little niche on the island with soft white sandy beach. This small beach is surrounded by tall karst hills. From atop of this hills, you can have a sweeping view of the sea, all the way to the horizon. The only way you can get here is by chartering a boat.

Hari Island

Enjoying Hari Island. via Instagram/ilhambagiro

Hari Island can be reached from Kendari in about two hours’ boat ride. This small island is your typical tropical heaven. There is the great white sandy beach, the waters are crystal clear with turquoise color, and the underwater life is rather rich. You can come here just to relax or if you are into diving, you can also do it here. The visibility is great all year long and waters are calm.

Bokori Island

Bokori Island. via instagram/faturawman

This is probably the closest from Kendari. Bokori Island is so close from Mainland Sulawesi that its western view is dominated by the great island. Bokori is located at the end of Kendari Bay. There are already lots of improvements on this island, so you can get most of the necessary amenities to fully enjoy the island.

Hari Island. via Instagram/jelajahsultra

Southeast Sulawesi sure is one of the best places to explore if you love marine life. From beautiful beaches to the vibrant underwater life, island hopping in Southeast Sulawesi will leave an everlasting impression to you.

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