Instagramable Foreign-style Destinations in Bandung


Bandung is known for the creativity of its people which produces many innovations in various fields. This area, for example, is the birthplace of many new trends in Indonesia in the fields of fashion, culinary, and tourism.

Chingu Cafe. via Instagram/ira_soerjono

One tourism trend that shows up in the Bandung area is the construction of foreign, and mainly European-style cities in various resorts. Not only are wonderful buildings, but you can also find many lovely things such as traditional costumes, delicious food, and beautiful gardens. Here are some resorts in Bandung that have miniature foreign cities.

Lembang Farmhouse

rel life scale European-style building. via Instagram/momoca29

In this resort, you can find many traditional European-style buildings. The buildings here are not merely accessories or decoration, but it is built with certain functions. Houses are used as costume rentals, restaurants, snack shops, and lovely souvenir shops.

The building is functioning as a restaurant. via Instagram/okaz_1

If you want to rent European-style costumes at Lembang Farmhouse, you have to pay roughly Rp75,000 an hour. With this costume, you will definitely get lots of very unique photos.

Floating Market Lembang

Kota Mini at dusk. via Instagram/srywiwwin

Initially, the Floating Market Lembang was a tourist place with a fairly simple concept; presenting an actual floating market since 2012. However, this resort continues to be developed with the construction of many areas and interesting spots, one of which is the Kota Mini (Mini City).

A lovely small town. Via Instagram/shifura

In this small city, you walk around enjoying the atmosphere of cities in Europe, complete with fire station, police station, mayor office, etc. Although the size of the buildings here is smaller than the actual building in Europe, each building in the Mini City remains functional. You can also rent European costumes at this place.

Kampung Tulip

Kampung Tulip. via Instagram/kampungtulip

As the name suggests, the Kampung Tulip is a Dutch-style artificial village. In this place, you can see Dutch-style buildings even though the size is quite small. You can also enjoy the beautiful garden of colorful tulips. To give a stronger impression of the Netherlands, this place also has many windmills. This place is, of course, a great arena for hunting beautiful photos.

Chingu Cafe Little Seoul

Lovely Korean-style Cafe. via Instagram/chingucafe

Little Seoul was built with the concept of imitating South Korean street food. Entering this place, you will feel like you are in the streets of South Korea that are full of food vendors.

Choosing what to eat. via Instagram/wandajlz

There are a lot of South Korean cuisines that you can find here such as Odeng, corn dogs, kimbab, tteokkochi, Jjampong, Tteokbokki, Jjajangmyeon, and many others. This place mainly imitates Dongdaemun Street.

Chinatown Bandung

Chinatown mini garden. via Instagram/chinatownbandung

Located in center of Bandung City, this park aims to bring you the old-time feels good about a classic Chinatown. This place was built to imitate a genuine Chinatown with the architectural style that is loyal to Chinese tradition.

Photo at CHinatown Bandung. via Instagram/chinatownbandung

You can expect a great red arch entrance as well as mini Chinese garden. You will find many selfie and photo spots in this park. Afterall, this place market itself as a selfietown. You can also enjoy delicious food in some of the stall there. Entrance fee is only IDR30K.

Farmhouse Lembang. via Instagram/farmhouselembang

Bandung keeps providing tourists with many wonderful destinations. When you’re in this city, you will be overwhelmed with the many choices of trips that you can have. These foreign city miniature are great if you want to explore the world without leaving the comfort of Bandung.

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