Ijo Temple, the Highest Temple in Yogyakarta with Spectacular Sunset


Yogyakarta has many beautiful hills that offer stunning views. Lately, many photo spots and viewing posts have been built on various hills all over the province. But the beauty of the hills of Yogyakarta seems to have been widely known since hundreds of years ago.

The Ijo Temple. via Instagram/ardi_leo

One concrete proof is the Ijo Temple, an old temple built on a high hill. This temple is the highest one in Yogyakarta, meaning it is located on the highest latitude. Here are various facts about Ijo Temple.

Built in the 10th century

This is an old temple. via Instagram/riskisafaat

Ijo Temple was estimated to be built in the 10th century AD when the ancient Mataram kingdom was still in power. This is a Hindu temple, with many reliefs on its walls.

You can also find a statue of a two-headed giant which acts as the guardian of this temple. Interestingly, there are various Buddhist ornaments seen in this temple. This shows that there was a kind of acculturation between religions at the time this temple was built.

Temple structure

The ancillary temple. via Instagram/ic_mdi

Ijo Temple is a temple complex consisting of 17 buildings. This complex consists of several terraces with different heights. In general, there are two types of building; the main temple and ancillary temples.

The main temple. via Instagram/afirizaldy_

The main temple has a square base with an entrance to the west. The ancillary temple is formed smaller and is dedicated to respecting Trimurti, the three highest deities in Hinduism: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. It is estimated that there are still some structures that are still buried in this area.

Enjoy the sunset

The temple during sunset. via Instagram/satrioprast

Ijo Temple is located close to Prambanan Temple and Ratu Boko Palace. Because of its hilly position, this temple has a very attractive natural panorama. You can see the city of Yogyakarta from afar, including the runway at Adisucipto International Airport.

But like Ratu Boko, this place is very famous for its spectacular sunset views. In fact, many visitors come to this temple with the intention to enjoy the dusk or take spectacular photos at sunset.

Location of Ijo Temple

The wonderful location of Ijo Temple. via Instagram/iwaniga

This temple is located near the Yogyakarta and Central Java borders. Administratively, Ijo temple is located in Sambirejo Village, Prambanan District, Sleman Regency. This temple is about 18 km from the center of Yogyakarta City.

The road to the temple is relatively good, but you have to be careful because the road conditions are naturally hilly. In general, you can reach this temple quite quickly by driving a private vehicle.

This temple is located on a hill. via Instagram/riskisafaat

The temple is also located near many other famous tourist destinations. Prambanan Temple is only about 6 km northwest. Ratu Boko Palace is 4 km away while the Breksi Cliff is only 1 km away from Ijo Temple. The temple’s opening hours are from 6:00 to 17:30 in the afternoon. The entrance fee is only IDR 5,000 per person.

The temple during sunset. via Instagram/andreasbagas_a

Ijo Temple can be an attractive destination if you are visiting the Prambanan region. This highest temple in Yogyakarta offers stunning views and spectacular sunsets.

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