All you can eat Iftar Packages under 100K in Jogja

Iftar at Marriott Yogyakarta. via Instagram/marriottyogyakarta

Ramadan is the time when many competitions take place. For example, there are lots of hotels that offer iftar (breakfasting) packages with interesting rates. For instance, here are some of the most interesting iftar packages under IDR 100K in Yogyakarta hotels.

Neo  Awana

Neo+ Arwana Jogja. via Instagram/neoawanajogja

On the southern part of Yogyakarta, you can find Neo  Awana Hotel. This is a three-star hotel with interesting iftar package. With only IDR71,000 per person, you can enjoy a wonderful buffet for iftar. There are also other promos for this event. Lastly, Neo Awan Hotel is at Jalan Mayjend Sutoyo No. 52, Yogyakarta.

Horison Ultima Riss Malioboro

Razia at Horison. via Inztagram/horisonrissmalioboro

Taking the theme ‘razia’ (literally means raid), iftar package at this hotel is far from savage. However, Razia actually stands for Ramadan Lezat dan Istimewa (Delicious and special Ramadan). With only IDR89,000 you can enjoy a hundred type of food, beverages, and snacks. Also, you can get even more discount if you come in a group. Horison Ultima Riss Malioboro is located at Jalan Gowongan Kidul No. 33-49 Yogyakarta.

Grand Keisha

Better at Grand Keisha. via Instagram/grandkeishahotelyogyakarta

Interestingly, Grand Keisha uses Better (Breakfasting Together) as its main theme. In brief, this place is serving mostly traditional and Asian menu for iftar. You can enjoy it here for IDR100K per person. However, discount applies to groups. Grand Keisha is located at Jalan Affandi No. 09, Gejayan Yogyakarta.

Marriott Yogyakarta

Marriott Yogyakarta. via Instagram/marriottyogyakarta

At this hotel, you can enjoy authentic the Middle East and Indonesian cuisine. The chef is actually a Lebanese from Al Bustan Palace Hotel, Oman. However, the Indonesian cuisine is prepared by the Marriott culinary team at Kraton Ballroom. This iftar package cost IDR99,000 per pax. Marriott Yogyakarta is located at Jalan Ring Road Utara, Condong Catur, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Novotel Yogyakarta

Javarabic at Novotel. via Instagram/novotelyogyakarta

This hotel offers you the choice to enjoy the delicious combination of Javanese and Arabic (Middle Eastern) cuisine. That is why they name the package as Javarabic. The takjil is free here, while food will be rotated daily. Accordingly, this package will set you back IDR97,000 per person. Novotel Yogyakarta is located at Jalan Jendral Sudirman No.89, Yogyakarta.

Ibis Styles Yogyakarta

traditional iftar at Ibis Styles. via Instagram/ibisstylesyogyakarta

Breakfasting at Ibis Styles will get you a traditional Javanese dish. Indeed, you can enjoy kambing guling (grilled goat), roasted chicken, and rujak eskrim. Also, you might win a door prize of a smartphone if you are lucky. This package cost IDR89,000 per person. Finally, Ibis Styles Yogyakarta is located at Jalan Dagen No. 109 Yogyakarta.

Kambing Guling. via Instagram/ibisstylesyogyakarta

Since there are many iftar packages to choose from in Yogyakarta, you can pick one that suits your budget the most. You might also want to consider the location that is the closest to you.

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