Fresh Icy Drinks of Yogyakarta


Yogyakarta is a very interesting city to explore at any time. Day or night, Yogyakarta always provide a pleasant atmosphere that makes you want to continue exploring every inch of this city.

Mangkok Kelapa Ice Cream. via Instagram/pengalamanmakan

Traveling Yogyakarta during the day can be quite a challenge, especially when the weather is hot. Not to worry, though, Yogyakarta has many places where you can stop and satisfy your thirst with cold and fresh drinks. Here are some cold drinks that you can enjoy in Yogyakarta.

Rujak ice cream

Rujak Ice Cream. via Instagram/depepedia

This is a unique drink because it tastes very rich. This drink contains rujak, pieces of fruit with spices bisque. It tastes sweet, spicy and sour. An ice cream topping is then added on top of the rujak. You can enjoy this unique drink at Rujak Es Krim Pak Nardi, located at Jl. Harjowinatan, Purwokinanti, Pakualaman, Kota Yogyakarta.

Es semlo

Es Semlo. via Instagram/baleraosresto

This is a typical Yogyakarta drink that is somewhat hard to find. This drink was once a favorite drink of Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, so it is commonly found in the Yogyakarta Palace. Basically, this drink is a ripe banana with a unique soup.

Es Semlo. via Instagram/saru.bobo

The soup in es semlo is made with selected spices such as pandan leaves, cloves, cinnamon, lime, secang wood, and sugar. If you are lucky, you might get this drink at Bale Raos Jogja.

Es dawet

Es Dawet. via Instagram/kokokulineran

Dawet is a drink that can be found in almost all areas throughout Java. Each place has its own unique dawet. Dawet is made from rice flour which is processed until it is gelatinous. It is then mixed with coconut milk and juruh (a sweetener made from coconut sugar).

Es Dawet and Es Doger. via Instagram/mahasiswakulineran

You can find dawet sellers in almost every place in Jogja. If you are in the area of the Palace, you can try the Es Dawet Keraton which is located at Jalan Rotowijayan, Kadipaten, Kraton, Yogyakarta.

Es Degan Tape

Es Degan Tape. via Instagram/jogjafoodhunter

This refreshing drink combines two main ingredients; young coconut and tape. Tape is fermented cassava, it is soft and tastes very sweet. Es degan tape commonly has young coconut, but, milk cream, and various syrup in it. You can try this drink at Brongkos Handayani, located on Jalan Gading No. 2 Yogyakarta.

Es Krim Batok

Es Krim Batok. via Instagram/jogjaku

To put it simply, Es Krim Batok is ice cream that is sold within coconut shell containers. Not just ice cream, this drink also has a variety of unique toppings. You can choose several items for your topping; snacks, fruit, jam, and sauce.

Mangkok Kelapa Cream and Fruit. via Instagram/mangkok_kelapa

You can try this drink at Mangkok Kelapa Cream and Fruit, located on Jl. Seturan Raya No.189, Ngropoh, Condongcatur, Kec. Depok, Sleman Regency.

Rujak Es Krim. via Instagram/jogjafooddestinations

Exploring Yogyakarta during the day will be even more enjoyable if you try its fresh beverages. You can choose traditional or fusion cold drinks, most of them cost less than USD1.

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